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Meghan Dey

Meghan Dey

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How SCM and PLM are better together


Many industries have started questioning their methods of operations due to the advantages brought by the emerging technology – allowing your organizations to make faster and better-informed decisions. Previously, all data was scattered across multiple systems, the ideas and product information was saved across spreadsheets, presentations, and emails. Although these solutions had been beneficial in the past, the increasing complexity of products and supply chain methods makes these solutions a great challenge to use.

Topics: "PLM", Integrations, SCM

Oracle PLM Cloud vs Arena PLM


Creating and supporting great products requires innovation, data analysis, team collaboration, consistent quality, and safety checks, along with a strong commercialization plan. All this is impossible to manage without the right PLM software. With several PLM software options available on the market, it is not easy to choose one according to your requirements. We have picked out two SaaS PLM solutions: Oracle PLM Cloud and Arena PLM, and we'll discuss their strengths and differences.

Topics: GoSaaS, Inc., Oracle Cloud PLM, Arena PLM

Business Applications for the Medical Device Industry


The medical device industry faces enormous pressures that range from urgent product innovation to supply chain inefficiencies, quality inconsistency, and increased regulatory compliance, such as tracking employee training at each manufacturing step. Such issues require either optimizing current technological assets or upgrading to new solutions. With the right tools that provide visibility, interconnectedness, analytics, and transparency, developing compliant products at scale with agility and increased ROI can become a reality..

Topics: Oracle PLM Cloud, Agile Product Lifecycle Management, Medical Device Industry

5 Reasons Why GoSaaS Should Be Your Implementation Partner


Other than the fact that we had a hard time limiting this just to 5 reasons (not to toot our own horn) but we've had the privilege of asking some of our customers why they have chosen us over some of the other implementation partners out there. We’ve listened and this is what our customers have said - in no particular order...

Topics: "EG&C", Oracle Cloud PLM, GoSaaS implementations, On-Premise to Cloud