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The Semiconductor Industry is essential for almost all industries related to High Tech Manufacturing to manufacture even the most basic of electronic devices

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Are these concerning you?

  • Winning contracts

With several competitors, it is important to provide the right product to the right company at the right time. With no efficient infrastructure in place, design opportunities are lost.

  • Regulatory concerns

The Semiconductor Industry produces highly toxic waste. All health & environmental regulations must be complied with.

  • Product understanding & Quality

With teams around the world, data must be consolidated and organized in one place to understand the product and fix quality issues.

  • Collaborative Work

Due to many teams working on the same product at different parts of the world, disruption or delays in one product can have an impact on all projects posing a huge risk to the company as a whole.

semiconductor industry

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gosaas oracle plm cloud

Oracle PLM Cloud

Design and develop the best possible products while coordinating with your team.

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gosaas quality management

Oracle Quality Management

Manage and automate quality issues, quality actions, and changes.

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gosaas designwin

Design Win

Capture design opportunities, analyze feedback, and generate revenue altogether.

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gosaas eg&c


Comply with health & environmental regulations in an easy and systemized manner while keeping your team and the suppliers in the loop throughout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functionalities of Oracle PLM Cloud?

The Oracle PLM Cloud has many modules providing numerous functionalities for the semiconductor industry. Here is the list:

Innovation Management

It allows you to:

  1. Capture new ideas from your customers and suppliers - they can be related to products or processes
  2. Gather requirements to any level of detail
  3. Design proposals, identify requirements and analyze portfolios
  4. Prioritize projects depending on the financial impact of each step
  5. See if a new product has to be developed or an old one can be reused, making the process more efficient
  6. Evaluate proposals across factors such as cost, resource needs, and expected revenue

Product Development

The product development functionalities are as mentioned below.

  1. Manages new product development and modification of existing products
  2. Allows item configuration and management by identifying your components, assemblies and subassemblies of the product
  3. Has the ability to capture all the information of the product to be developed (work instructions, SOPs, test schemas, test reports)
  4. Allows managing of manufacturers and suppliers differently
  5. Ability to store all SOPs, work instructions and reports
  6. Has the functionalities of change management including engineering change orders, engineering change requests, revision control change orders

To learn more about Product Development, click here.

Quality Management 

The quality management functionalities are mentioned below.

  1. Ability to capture problem reports - customer and internal problem reports
  2. All problem reports can be tied with CAPA processes and then back to the product
  3. Assists a quality engineer in defining inspection plans to check the quality of a item 
  4. Allows incoming, in-process, and final inspection
  5. Provides real-time results analysis
To learn more about Quality Management, click here.
How do you manage compliance with different regulations like REACH Annex, RoHS 2, and many more?
GoSaaS Environmental Governance and Compliance (EG&C) can be integrated with Oracle PLM Cloud to manage all regulatory requirements. It supports more than 127 regulations; RoHS 2, REACH Annex, REACH SVHC, California Proposition 65, Conflict Minerals, FCC, etc. In addition, more than 2,600 substances are pre-installed. EG&C provides our customers with seamless and centralized product compliance. Learn more about EG&C here.
How will Oracle PLM Cloud impact the semiconductor industry business?

Oracle PLM Cloud provides a comprehensive set of industry-leading features to help semiconductor companies meet their challenges. It enables the industry in many ways by improving supply chain optimization and customer relationship management. The unique platform improves collaboration opportunities by increasing the visibility of product information. In addition, real-time analysis and dashboards provided by the system can help you make decisions faster and shorten the time to market.

Can Oracle PLM Cloud be integrated with other systems?
We provide integration with many applications, including ERP systems, mCAD systems, eCAD systems, and Service systems. To learn more about our integration, please visit here.
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