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Optimize Your Workforce with

Oracle Workforce Management Cloud and GoSaaS 

oracle hcm cloud services
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Transform Your Workforce Management with GoSaaS and Oracle Workforce

Are you facing these Workforce Management challenges?

  • Manual Scheduling Processes: Are you wasting time on manual scheduling, time tracking, and approvals, prone to errors and inconsistencies?
  • Limited Visibility into Workforce Data: Do you struggle to get real-time insights into labor costs, attendance, and overtime for optimal staffing decisions?
  • Poor Labor Compliance: Are you finding it difficult to stay on top of complex labor laws, union rules, and shift regulations?
  • Inaccurate Time & Attendance: Is manual time entry leading to errors in payroll calculations and lost productivity?
  • Inefficient Labor Forecasting: Do you lack tools for accurate labor demand forecasting, leading to overstaffing or understaffing?
oracle hcm cloud services

How GoSaaS Leverages GoStarts for Fast and Effective Implementations

  • Industry-Specific Configurations: GoStarts are pre-built with scheduling rules, labor models, and compliance settings tailored to your industry.
  • Embedded Best Practices: Our accelerators ensure you leverage the full potential of Oracle Workforce Management with proven workflows and setups.
  • Optimized Time & Attendance: Pre-configured time-tracking interfaces, rules, and approval processes streamline data collection and improve accuracy.
oracle cloud workforce management

Key Features of Oracle Workforce Management Cloud

Oracle Workforce Management Cloud offers a powerful solution to streamline your workforce operations:

GoSaaS: Your Oracle Workforce Management Cloud Partner 

Benefits of Oracle Workforce Management Cloud
Benefits of Implementing with GoSaaS
Ready to optimize your workforce operations?

Contact GoSaaS today to learn how Oracle Workforce Management Cloud and our GoStarts program can help you transform your workforce management, reduce costs, and enhance compliance.