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About Us

How to Enable your Business Success

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GoSaaS helps product manufacturers modernize business applications used to design, engineer, manufacture and support products. GoSaaS has helped companies in high-tech manufacturing, life sciences and CPG industries, including many Fortune 100 companies, improve their product value chain. As a leading Oracle partner for Industry 4.0, GoSaaS specializes in on-premise to cloud migration.

GoSaaS enables companies to achieve business success by delivering the most comprehensive Oracle Cloud solutions for our customers by focusing on core values:

Perfectly Aligned for Your Business

At GoSaaS our focus has always been to assist our clients in enabling transitioning to a cloud-driven Digital Core Thread. Building on our long history of focusing on PLM, we now bring Industry, Process and Oracle experts in the areas of Financials, Supply Chain Management, Customer Experience, Human Resources. We continue to expand and enhance our expertise within and across these pillars to enable a more robust Digital Core and reinforce a unified Digital  Core Thread.

And when we say ‘Implementation Expertise’ we mean it!

GoSaaS enables this through specialized divisions

Your GoSaaS Team

PLM team

Though GoSaaS has its roots in PLM, our aim is to assist our customers in transitioning to a cloud-supported Digital Thread. We have Industry and Implementation experts in Core PLM, Master Data Management (MDM), and Quality. 

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ERP Key Team

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Endless evolution demands constant progress.

Those poised to lead in the future are best prepared to navigate today’s change. Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP offers a holistic, state-of-the-art cloud ERP solution, equipping your teams with cutting-edge tools. From AI-driven automation to eliminate tedious tasks, real-time analytics for swift market response, to routine updates that ensure you're at the forefront of the industry.

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SCM Key Team 

Supply Chain Management (SCM) & Manufacturing Solutions 

With our SCM & Manufacturing solutions, companies can swiftly adapt to shifts in supply, demand, and the global marketplace. Integrate your supply chain seamlessly, constructing a robust system ready to evolve with the market.

GoSaaS SMEs-scm

Apps Key Team 

Maximize the Value of Your Oracle PLM Through Marketplace Solutions

Accelerate your time to market by streamlining your data flow.
Align your business processes in the Cloud.
Fill essential business needs with our specific applications designed on Oracle Cloud.
Optimize our applications to perform in your cloud environment.

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GoSaaS Story Covered by Inc.

Inc. sat down with GoSaaS co-founders, Hassan Ramay and Tom Nelson, to talk about how GoSaaS seamlessly moves enterprise applications to the cloud with industry-specific apps. “A traditional implementation can take up to two years because vendors like Oracle require customization," said Hassan Ramay. “In response, GoSaaS developed an implementation platform and applications for high tech, life sciences, and manufacturing to layer on top of Oracle’s software, speeding up the process." Tom Nelson described the swift implementation process, mentioning, “GoSaaS builds GoStarts, which are end-to-end enterprise use cases with industry-customized apps and integrations. GoSaaS and client and staff then spend less time rehashing common industry processes, so they can focus on the company’s unique situation, gaining competitive advantages."


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