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Achieve Master Data Excellence with

Oracle Product Master Data Management Cloud and GoSaaS


Product Master Data Management cloud
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Transform Your Product Data Management with Oracle PDM Cloud and GoSaaS

Are you facing these Product Data Management challenges? 

  • Fragmented Product Information: Struggling with inconsistent product data scattered across multiple systems, leading to errors and inefficiencies?
  • Poor Data Quality: Is inaccurate and incomplete product data impacting customer experience, sales, and operational decisions? 
  • Manual Processes: Wasting time and resources on manual data entry, product updates, and enrichment across various channels?
  • Limited Collaboration: Do siloed product data hinder collaboration across sales, marketing, and supply chain functions?
  • Compliance Risks: Finding it difficult to ensure your product information adheres to industry regulations and labeling requirements?
Oracle PDM

How GoSaaS Leverages GoStarts for Effective Oracle PDM Cloud Implementations

  • Pre-built Data Models: GoStarts provide industry-tailored product data structures, taxonomy, and hierarchies for accelerated deployment.
  • Data Governance Workflows: Our accelerators incorporate best practices for data stewardship, approvals, and version control for quality assurance.
  • Streamlined Enrichment: Pre-configured workflows and templates simplify product data enrichment, image management, and syndication.
Oracle PDM Cloud

Key Features of Oracle Product Master Data Management Cloud

Oracle PDM Cloud centralizes and harmonizes your product information for better decision-making:

GoSaaS: Your Oracle PDM Cloud Implementation Partner 

Benefits of Oracle PDM Cloud

Benefits of Implementing with GoSaaS

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