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Supply Chain Management (SCM) & Manufacturing Solutions

With our SCM & Manufacturing solutions, companies can swiftly adapt to shifts in supply, demand, and the global marketplace. Integrate your supply chain seamlessly, constructing a robust system ready to evolve with the market.

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Advantages of our Cloud Supply Chain Management

Boost Operational Efficiency 

Sharpen forecasts and enhance collaboration with our adaptable planning and execution tools. Control costs using cutting-edge technologies designed for dynamic markets.

Navigate with Data-Driven Insights 

Use varied data to anticipate market shifts, simulate outcomes, and strategize effectively. Refine forecasts and synchronize activities to stay ahead.

Elevate Customer Satisfaction 

Consistently deliver top-tier orders and service with our all-encompassing sales, service, and supply chain solution, ensuring effective planning and collaboration.

supply chain solutions
Streamline order processing to enhance customer satisfaction.

Oracle's Order Management module is designed to simplify complex order processing, ensuring accuracy and speed from order capture to fulfillment. Enhance customer satisfaction with efficient order flow across channels.

Centralized order hub
Multi-channel order aggregation
Automated order processing
Real-time order status updates
Enhance your team’s efficiency and optimize procurement processes. 

Oracle's Procurement Solutions offer a unified and straightforward source-to-pay process, complemented by a user-friendly interface, embedded analytics, and collaborative tools that facilitate vendor management, optimize vendor choices, ensure spending adherence, and boost the bottom line.

End-to-End Procurement
Vendor relationship management
Strategic sourcing
Contractual agreements
Commercial Networking
Anticipate market changes with integrated planning tools.

Optimize your supply chain performance with Oracle’s SC Planning. This module provides comprehensive visibility and insights, allowing for proactive demand forecasting and inventory management.

Demand planning
Supply planning
Sales and operations planning
Inventory optimization
Maximize efficiency and minimize costs in inventory management.

Oracle's Inventory Management module ensures optimal stock levels are maintained, reducing carrying costs and maximizing space and resources through streamlined inventory processes.

Real-time inventory tracking
Warehouse management
Stock level optimization
Automated reordering
Ensure high operational efficiency with predictive maintenance.

Oracle’s Maintenance module helps manage the lifecycle of assets from acquisition to retirement, ensuring optimal performance and reducing unplanned downtime.

Asset tracking
Scheduled maintenance
Breakdown analysis
Cost tracking
Optimize logistics to ensure timely delivery and cost control.

Streamline your transportation and global trade operations with Oracle SCM Cloud. Ensure efficient, compliant, and cost-effective delivery processes.

Transportation management
Warehouse operations
Global trade compliance
Route optimization
Manage and innovate your product portfolio effectively.

Oracle’s PLM module helps manage the entire lifecycle of a product from inception through design, manufacture, service, and disposal.

Quality Management
Product Development
Product Information - Management
Product Master Data Management
GoStart PLM (Enterprise)
Process Automation Solutions

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