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Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry works to better our understanding of living organisms around us and helps to improve our lives with the help of new ideas & innovations

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Common Issues Resolved by GoSaaS

  • Outdated & Localized Systems

With teams all around the world, it gets hard to coordinate and stay organized. It has become important to use systems that can be accessed from anywhere to make and store real-time updates in an organized manner.

  • Compliance

To ensure that no harm is done to humans and the environment, strict regulations have been set in place by the FDA & government bodies. Products & services provided by the life sciences industry must hence comply with all regulations to ensure smooth placement in the market. Keeping track of regulations for each product and ensuring that every product is compliant with regulations requires an automated and fast system.

  • Rapidly evolving technology

As the trend now moves to more effective and personalized life sciences solutions, more research and hence more training will be required for every person in the life sciences industry. Each employee must understand the problem to its fullest and provide solutions that comply with the standards set by the regulatory bodies. To train and assess each employee, a consolidated system must be intact which keeps the record of training taken, passed, and needed.

Life Sciences Industry

Explore our Solutions for the Life Sciences Companies

gosaas oracle cloud plm

Oracle PLM Cloud

Design & develop the best possible products while keeping your team in the loop throughout.

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gosaas unique device identifier

UDI Wizard

Streamline and simplify the process of compliance with FDA regulations for UDI.

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gosaas quality management

Quality Management

Manage and automate quality issues, quality actions, and changes.

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gosaas eg&c


Comply with health & environmental regulations in an easy and systemized manner while keeping your team and the suppliers in the loop throughout.

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gosaas inspection managment

GoSaaS Inspection Management

Produce faultless products with the help of regular inspections at every stage of the manufacturing process.

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gosaas employee training system


Track and record employee training in a centralized platform to ensure your employees are well-trained & up-to-date with company essentials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functionalities of Oracle PLM Cloud?

The Oracle PLM Cloud has many modules providing numerous functionalities for the life sciences industry. Here is the list of the modules:

Innovation Management

It allows you to:

  1. Capture new ideas of products and processes from your customers and suppliers
  2. Design proposals, identify requirements and analyze portfolios
  3. Prioritize projects depending on the financial impact of each step
  4. Identify if already made products can be reused
  5. Evaluate proposals across factors such as cost, resource needs, and expected revenue

Product Development

It allows you to:

  1. Manage new product development and modification of existing products
  2. Identify your components, assemblies and subassemblies of the product by item configuration and management
  3. Capture all the information of the product to be developed (work instructions, SOPs, test schemas, test reports)
  4. Manage manufacturers and suppliers differently
  5. Store all SOPs, work instructions and reports 
  6. Perform change management functions, including engineering change orders, engineering change requests, revision control change requests

To learn more about Product Development, click here.

Quality Management 

Quality Management has the following functions:

  1. Ability to capture problem reports - customer and internal problem reports
  2. All problem reports can be tied with CAPA processes and then back to the product
  3. Assists a quality engineer in defining inspection plans to check the quality of an item 
  4. Allows incoming, in-process, and final inspection
  5. Provides real-time results analysis

To learn more about Quality Management, click here.

How will Oracle PLM Cloud impact the life sciences industry?
Although the life sciences industry has solved many problems on its own during these challenging times, PLM cloud may be the best solution to maximize revenue while producing high-quality goods. It allows the integration of industry-wide knowledge into a single, consolidated platform to make successful high-speed decisions with real-time transparency and traceable data. The time to search for product data is greatly reduced, which speeds up the processes and leads to shorter product cycle times. PLM applications can positively impact businesses through a strong cross-functional collaboration with PLM cloud, minimizing quality risks and ensuring that all established regulations are adhered to.
Is it beneficial for the life sciences industry to have an integrated training module?

Yes, our employee training system has been proven to play a critical role in making high-quality, compliant products for the life sciences industry. GoSaaS ETS offers numerous functionalities that ensure your employees are well trained concerning product requirements and process flows. It helps the company track and record employee data consolidated on a single platform. This easy-to-use system allows managers to effectively create and maintain all training materials and generate push notifications to adapt to the system. To explore more about our product, please click here

Do you have experience integrating other systems with Oracle PLM Cloud?
Yes, we offer integrations with many applications that include ERP systems (including Oracle EBS, NetSuite, SAP, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne), mCAD systems (including Solidworks and GoSaaS Cloud Vault), eCAD systems (including Allegro, Altium, OrCAD, DxDesigner & GoSaaS Cloud Vault), and service systems (including Salesforce and Jira). To learn more about our integrations, please visit here.
How does GoSaaS ensure all regulations are maintained throughout the products of the life sciences industry?
GoSaaS Environmental Governance and Compliance (EG&C) is the answer. It can be integrated with Oracle PLM Cloud to manage all regulatory requirements. Supporting more than 127 regulations; RoHS 2, REACH Annex, REACH SVHC, California Proposition 65, Conflict Minerals, FCC and many more. Learn more about EG&C here.
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