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Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud

Transforming customer interactions into exceptional experiences.

Oracle CX Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of applications designed to deliver superior customer service and support. By integrating advanced tools like AI and machine learning, Oracle CX Cloud ensures personalized, seamless interactions that drive customer loyalty and enhance business outcomes.

Trusted by customers worldwide
Streamline your quoting process to accelerate sales cycles and improve accuracy.

Oracle’s CPQ module empowers sales teams to quickly generate accurate and dynamic proposals. It simplifies complex configurations, automates pricing, and provides guided selling to enhance customer interactions.

Smart configuration capabilities
Automated pricing and discounting rules
Proposal generation and management
Cross-sell and upsell recommendations
Efficiently manage and grow your subscription-based services.

Oracle's Subscription Management module allows businesses to adapt and thrive in the subscription economy. Manage the entire lifecycle of subscriptions smoothly, from billing to renewals, while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Automated billing and renewals
Revenue recognition management
Subscription metrics and analytics
Flexible pricing models
Optimize field operations with real-time, predictive tools.

Oracle’s Field Service module transforms the efficiency of field operations with predictive scheduling and mobility solutions. Ensure the right person is in the right place at the right time with all the information they need to succeed.

Dynamic scheduling and dispatch
Real-time traffic and route optimization
Mobile workforce management
Customer communication tools
Excel with nimbleness.

Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Solutions empower you to strategize and plan across multiple domains, be it finance, HR, supply chain, or sales. Refine your financial timelines and acquire the clarity needed to make impactful decisions.

Strategic forecasting
Earnings and expenditure oversight
Reconciliation of accounts
Streamlined financial summaries and closures
Fiscal documentation
Descriptive financial analyses
Corporate information governance (EDM)

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Enhance engagement and drive customer loyalty with Oracle CX.