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Oracle Logistics Cloud

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Are you facing these challenges?

  • Freight Cost Control: Are rising transportation costs and fluctuating carrier rates eating into your margins?
  • Shipment Visibility: Do you lack real-time updates on the location and status of your shipments, leading to delays and customer dissatisfaction?
  • Complex Routing & Planning: Are you struggling to optimize routes, consolidate shipments, and manage multi-leg transportation efficiently?
  • Inefficient Fleet Management: Do you have limited visibility into your fleet usage, driver performance, and vehicle maintenance needs?
  • Trade Compliance: Are you finding it difficult to manage complex trade regulations, documentation, and customs processes?
oracle solutions

How It Works – GoSaaS and GoStarts

  • GoStarts: Your Logistics Accelerator Our GoStarts for Oracle Logistics Cloud streamline your implementation with:
    • Preconfigured Carrier Networks: Get started quickly with connections to major carriers and freight marketplaces.
    • Industry-Specific Freight Templates: Reduce setup time with rules for rate calculation, accessorials, and carrier selection.
    • Optimized Planning Workflows: Ensure efficient shipment planning, consolidation, and carrier assignment.
  • GoSaaS Expertise:
    • Logistics Process Mapping: We analyze your current shipping and trade processes for optimal Oracle Logistics Cloud alignment.
    • Customized Workflows: Tailor GoStarts to your specific transportation modes, fleet operations, and compliance requirements.
    • Integrations: Ensure seamless data flow between Oracle Logistics Cloud and your TMS, WMS, and ERP systems.
oracle solutions

Key Features of Oracle Logistics Cloud

Partnering with GoSaaS for Oracle Logistics Cloud

Benefits of Oracle Logistics Cloud

Benefits of Implementing with GoSaaS

Ready to gain control over your logistics operations?

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