Extend the Life of Your Oracle EBS


At times, due to system limitations and software issues, businesses with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) may feel the need to replace it with cloud-based ERP systems. This could be a lengthy, tedious, and costly process, leaving business leaders in a dilemma of whether the investment of replacing Oracle EBS would result in a timely ROI.

6 Signs of an Ignored Agile PLM System


Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a great tool to innovate, understand, and develop your product but have you generally been feeling like you are not getting enough value from your Agile PLM investment? That’s a sign. Your system might be at health risk and needs a technical assessment.

Cross-Cloud Integration and More During the Salesforce World Tour: LA


As a Salesforce Partner, I had the privilege of representing GoSaaS at the Los Angeles Salesforce World Tour last month. As I’m sure you already know, Salesforce is a dynamic platform, offering different types of features and capabilities for any kind of user. During the Customer Success Expo, insight on multiple functionalities helped bring to light just how versatile the platform really is. The biggest issue faced by companies of any size is ensuring that they are getting the most out of their Salesforce implementation, which is exactly what GoSaaS helps solve. We specialize in consultations and training, from smaller businesses to large corporations, showing how each individual business is able to use Salesforce to fit their unique needs. 

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Webinar Replay:  Elevate Your Product Quality, Customer Service and Product Development Functions by Integrating CRM, QMS and PLM


In this webinar recap, feel free to follow along here and listen in as we join GoSaaS team members Tom Nelson, PLM SME (Subject Matter Expert), and Saeed Ahmad, CRM Principal Consultant who will explain the benefits of a digitally connected enterprise and how that eliminates "information islands." You will also discover how companies have connected their teams resulting in an improved engineering response time, ending customer-related problems.

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A Bit On Oracle's Product Data Hub Cloud


Are you suffering from meaningless or erratic data? Do you face issues with data quality and operational inefficiencies? Are you looking to improve your product’s marketability or decrease your compliance cost? Oracle’s Product Data Hub (PDH) is the solution for you!

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Lightning Web Components: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide


Lightning Web Components (LWC) provides a new way of developing Lightning components for the Salesforce Platform. LWC was introduced by Salesforce in the Spring ‘19 release cycle. Previously, the Aura component framework was used to develop lightning components and it was made publicly available to Salesforce developers and admins in the Winter ‘15 release. Before that, Salesforce was internally using it to power the lightning experience. The Aura component framework is an open source framework developed by Salesforce. The lightning component framework was a subset of the Aura framework which means that not all the capabilities of Aura framework were opened up for the Salesforce developer community. Aura was leveraging its own component model, templates, and modular development programming model. The reason for this enclosed standard was due to web standards that were not fully developed to support large enterprise level applications. With the unprecedented level of innovation and standardization ECMAScript 6 onwards, it has opened new opportunities for both vendors and the community in general. The improved standardization of the core stack has opened the doors to a new breed of frameworks - frameworks whose major task is to no longer to fill in the gaps within the core stack, but to provide a thin layer of specialized services on top of a standard stack. 

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How to Customize Email Application Panes and Publisher Layouts


Salesforce allows you to integrate a small task pane inside your enterprise email client (available for both Office 365 and G Suite), which allows you to perform certain Salesforce tasks from within the email client. This not only increases productivity, but also provides a very smooth experience.

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Getting to Know Oracle PLM Cloud


Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud allows organizations to leverage greater business value with the new changes to its features. The system comes with a modern look giving users a better experience. There are also robust functionalities including insights and learning capabilities. Oracle PLM Cloud supports a rapid and reliable way to manage your business.

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How to Make Salesforce Community Cloud a Successful Implementation


The Salesforce Community Cloud offers a strong platform for developing solutions in a wide variety of scenarios: Here are a few examples of some solutions you can develop based on the Community Cloud:

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Why Migrate to the Salesforce Lightning Experience?


It has been a while since Salesforce rolled out the Lightning Experience (LEX). Evolving over a period of time, there are new features introduced in every release. Salesforce has been pushing customers to make the switch to Lightning Experience, but the option to use the older version is still available. However, Salesforce recently announced that LEX will be enabled by default within new organizations.

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