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5 Top Tips for a Successful Cloud Migration Journey


Businesses of all sizes and in all industries are adopting cloud computing due to its benefits. Gartner predicts that worldwide end-user spending on public cloud services will increase by 20.4% to $494.77 billion in 2022, compared to $410.9 billion in 2021. End-user expenditures are anticipated to approach $600 billion in 2023.

Topics: On-Premise to Cloud, Cloud Migration, PLM upgrade

PLM in Electronic and Hi-tech can Accelerate the Design to Production Cycle


Organic expansion in the semiconductor industry is untenable due to global competitive price pressure, faster technological cycles, and an increasing demand in a diversified application space. Companies must pursue all means to increase operational efficiency, reduce design cycles, and expand their product ranges which makes it imperative to create efficiencies in managing their design processes, test operations and the manufacturing supply chain.

Topics: High-Tech Industry, Semiconductor

How does Employee Training and Development benefit an Organization ?


It may be argued that a company's most valuable asset is its workers, and that investing in their training and development is critical to maintaining corporate growth and success. When considering the extensive processes that firms go through to seek and hire talented employees, this commitment makes sense. Businesses should recognize and encourage their workers' personal growth and development. In order to convert moderately skilled employees into eventual leaders, several high-performing organizations have developed staff training and development programs.

Topics: GoSaaS Employee Training System, GoSaaS ETS

A Bit On Oracle's Product Data Hub Cloud


Are you suffering from meaningless or erratic data? Do you face issues with data quality and operational inefficiencies? Are you looking to improve your product’s marketability or decrease your compliance cost? Oracle’s Product Data Hub (PDH) is the solution for you!

Topics: Oracle Product Data Hub Cloud, Oracle PD, Oracle PDH, Oracle Enterprise Data Quality, Product Value Chain

The Importance of Compliance Management in PLM integration


It is possible to derive value from Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions in a variety of ways, including: faster introduction of products; lower cost of products; increased product sales; higher product quality; reduced waste; and more valuable product portfolios. However, compliance management is one area that does not receive nearly as much attention as it should. The difficulty with failing to manage compliance is that a substantial portion of the value associated with Product Lifecycle Management is dependent on handling compliance in a cost-effective manner. On the other hand, substantial non-compliance incidents that have a negative impact on the business through fines and penalties, unfavorable publicity, or the inability to sell new products in important markets, which may swiftly undo all of the benefits gained through PLM. Although compliance risk is not a widely discussed topic, it is vital to the creation and selling of successful products, as well as to the achievement of responsible, long-term business profitability.

Topics: Oracle PLM Cloud, GoSaaS EG&C, regulatory compliance

Oracle Fusion Cloud vs. Propel PLM


Digital innovation is not only evolving the product's features but also the way they are designed and manufactured. To remain relevant in the changing market dynamics, enterprises must continuously strategize ways to optimize operational efficiency and infrastructure costs, improve product quality, and reduce time to market to accelerate overall growth of the business.

Topics: Oracle PLM Cloud, Propel PLM, Oracle Fusion Cloud

Essentials of Quality Management for Life Sciences Industry


A quality management system  is essential to the success of the life sciences industry. However, meeting business goals requires quality regulatory compliance for continuous improvement and safety assurance of products.

Topics: Oracle PLM Cloud, Oracle Quality Management, Life Sciences

The transformation in Semiconductor industry with Integration of Smart Technologies


PLM Cloud Makes Adding More Elements to IIoT Very Easy

When Karl Ferdinand Braun developed the first-ever semiconductor device called the crystal detector in 1874, little did the world know its impact on human existence, especially how things are manufactured. The innovation birthed many semiconductor industries, and their impact has been tremendous.

Topics: Oracle PLM Cloud, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Industry, Semiconductor, Smart Technology

Why Oracle PLM Cloud?


The rapid pace of change indicates that companies need to modernize their portfolios, systems, and processes frequently to create an efficient and effective business model - changes that benefit the organization to generate higher profits, deliver high quality and stay one step ahead of their competition.

Topics: GoSaaS, Inc., Oracle Cloud PLM

Introduction to Oracle PLM Cloud


Oracle Product Lifecycle Management can help your organization innovate and improve product quality while minimizing costs with its tailored fit functionalities.

Topics: Oracle Cloud PLM, Cloud PLM, Cloud Migration