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Oracle Business Applications: Leading through times of unpredictability


The COVID-19 pandemic came in with no warning, leaving us all affected in unconventional ways. The "new normal" today has left us with limited exposure & access to the business world. To survive in this pandemic, customers and employees not only have new needs but have adopted new behaviors and approaches. Work and work patterns have changed as remote work has become the new norm. In these times of change, Business leaders have to revamp the way they work and be proactive when deciding how to manage employees and in understanding new customer needs. Business leaders have to be extra vigilant and ensure that every employee has the required devices to continue working and that the company applications are up to date in order to resume smooth operations. As employees adjust to working from home, the predicted peak load time on applications will change as usage patterns change.

Are Your Agile PLM and Oracle EBS Applications Healthy?


With COVID-19 affecting the world around us, it is absolutely imperative for businesses to re-evaluate and inspect the health of their systems. The pandemic has forced the businesses to change their working models in the industry, directly affecting the overall performance and productivity of the organization. 

Extend the Life of Your Oracle EBS


At times, due to system limitations and software issues, businesses with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) may feel the need to replace it with cloud-based ERP systems. This could be a lengthy, tedious, and costly process, leaving business leaders in a dilemma of whether the investment of replacing Oracle EBS would result in a timely ROI.

6 Signs of an Ignored Agile PLM System


Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a great tool to innovate, understand, and develop your product but have you generally been feeling like you are not getting enough value from your Agile PLM investment? That’s a sign. Your system might be at health risk and needs a technical assessment.

Webinar Replay:  Elevate Your Product Quality, Customer Service and Product Development Functions by Integrating CRM, QMS and PLM


In this webinar recap, feel free to follow along here and listen in as we join GoSaaS team members Tom Nelson, PLM SME (Subject Matter Expert), and Saeed Ahmad, CRM Principal Consultant who will explain the benefits of a digitally connected enterprise and how that eliminates "information islands." You will also discover how companies have connected their teams resulting in an improved engineering response time, ending customer-related problems.

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A Bit On Oracle's Product Data Hub Cloud


Are you suffering from meaningless or erratic data? Do you face issues with data quality and operational inefficiencies? Are you looking to improve your product’s marketability or decrease your compliance cost? Oracle’s Product Data Hub (PDH) is the solution for you!

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Getting to Know Oracle PLM Cloud


Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud allows organizations to leverage greater business value with the new changes to its features. The system comes with a modern look giving users a better experience. There are also robust functionalities including insights and learning capabilities. Oracle PLM Cloud supports a rapid and reliable way to manage your business.

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Webinar Recap: Your Route to Oracle PLM Cloud – Modern Business, Modern Cloud


Every business has its own way of handling product data. While being unique is important in individualization, this prevents effective collaboration and information sharing. PLM SME (Subject Matter Expert) Tom Nelson led our GoSaaS Webinar on 2/28, describing how the cloud fits into your PLM strategy and processes. Through the Oracle PLM Cloud, you can unify the entirety of your product and supply chain processes on one integrated platform – from ideation to commercialization. The benefits are numerous, including a reduction of costs from prototyping and scrapping, centralizing data, improvement on internal and external collaboration throughout the entire product lifecycle and an entire process automation leading to a faster time to market/launching.

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Should you upgrade to Agile 9.3.6 or go directly to Cloud PLM?


I’m sure you’ve heard the direction PLM is going in is to the Cloud. A9 customers should upgrade to the On-Prem 9.3.6 depending on the sustainability of the upgrade for organization. The organization’s specific plans for moving to newer upgrades of the Agile On-Prem or migrating to Oracle Cloud PLM are key to this decision. A Hybrid or “Wait and See” approach are additional options for A9 customers.

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Visit GoSaaS at Oracle’s Modern Business Experience (MBX) 2019


We hope you are just as excited as we are to attend the Modern Business Experience (MBX) in Las Vegas. If you’re reading this, you know how much PLM is important, strategic, and crucial to your business. Not only that, but also to the financial performance of your company.

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