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Kinza Habib

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Introduction to Oracle PLM Cloud


Oracle Product Lifecycle Management can help your organization innovate and improve product quality while minimizing costs with its tailored fit functionalities.

Topics: Oracle Cloud PLM, Cloud PLM, Cloud Migration

How can Oracle PLM Cloud enable Digital Innovation?


Businesses in the modern era achieve success in various ways. Companies today want to achieve a frictionless relationship with their customers along with the development of high-quality products, which is not possible without adopting the new technologies.

Topics: Oracle Cloud PLM, GoSaaS EG&C, GoSaaS ETS, Integrations

Easy transition to the Cloud in 5 steps


Enterprises across the globe are transitioning from traditional technology infrastructure to more agile, secure and flexible systems in the cloud. From enhancing collaboration to accelerating innovation, there are many reasons for migration, but without a good implementation plan and cloud experience, migration will not be easy.

Topics: Cloud PLM, Cloud Migration, GoSaaS Migrator

What can you do with Oracle PLM Cloud?


Against the backdrop of the global pandemic, the growing concerns of businesses around sustainable business models, supply chain resilience and profitable product development have speeded the adoption of reliable PLM platforms. As a result, PLM solutions are also constantly improving to meet the evolving needs of businesses. PLM is no longer the only software focusing on the design and engineering of the product; it's evolved into an enterprise platform. In this blog, we discuss how the updated PLM can make your business run more efficiently.

Topics: Oracle Cloud PLM, GoSaaS EG&C, GoSaaS ETS, Integrations

Top 5 trends of Manufacturing Industry in 2021


2020 was a challenging year, but despite many twists and turns, valuable insights were learned, and these lessons have shaped the manufacturing trends that will make 2021 a success.

Topics: Cloud PLM, IIoT, Digital Transformation, Manufacturing Industry, SCM

A Year of Change


The beginning of the year 2021 has brought a great sense of relief and hope for a much better year ahead. Despite all the hardships, the past year has been a year of change and adaptability for all of us. Businesses worldwide have witnessed an unprecedented pace to deploy digital initiatives, supporting new working models, changing customer expectations, and overall business continuity.

Topics: Oracle Cloud PLM, GoSaaS EG&C, Agile Product Lifecycle Management, GoSaaS ETS, Yearly Review

Product Lifecycle Management For High-Tech Manufacturers


The increased product innovation, ever-increasing quality and compliance regulations, the changing working models, tight profit margins, and new business models are some of the many factors that are driving dramatic changes in the market dynamics for high-tech manufacturers, forcing them to reconsider their existing business approaches. This is where PLM outshines. Keep reading to explore the benefits of a robust PLM solution for high-tech manufacturers to remain relevant in the changing business environment. 

Topics: Oracle PLM, PLM Cloud, Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud, High-Tech Industry

Are Your Agile PLM and Oracle EBS Applications Healthy?


With COVID-19 affecting the world around us, it is absolutely imperative for businesses to re-evaluate and inspect the health of their systems. The pandemic has forced the businesses to change their working models in the industry, directly affecting the overall performance and productivity of the organization. 

Topics: GoSaaS Healthcheck, Oracle EBS, Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management, System Review

Extend the Life of Your Oracle EBS


At times, due to system limitations and software issues, businesses with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) may feel the need to replace it with cloud-based ERP systems. This could be a lengthy, tedious, and costly process, leaving business leaders in a dilemma of whether the investment of replacing Oracle EBS would result in a timely ROI.

Topics: GoSaaS Healthcheck, GoSaaS Integrator, Oracle E-Business Suite, ERP System