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Are Your Agile PLM and Oracle EBS Applications Healthy?

Aug 22, 2020 1:37:19 AM

With COVID-19 affecting the world around us, it is absolutely imperative for businesses to re-evaluate and inspect the health of their systems. The pandemic has forced the businesses to change their working models in the industry, directly affecting the overall performance and productivity of the organization. 

Hence, it is essential for them to transform the business to meet the new demands and ensure a stable and healthy working environment for the employees.
We have listed down a number of system issues that can arise within your organization.

System Back-Ups

Although system failure can be a great threat to the business, companies usually do not pay attention to the need of having a well established and tested backup for their Oracle Agile PLM and Oracle EBS systems. With no backups, all the hard work is lost and the manufacturing is also bound to stop, affecting the overall performance and revenue of the business. To avoid such incidents it is important to do routine checkups on your backups to ensure that your disaster recovery methods are fully functional.

Load Testing

With time, companies expand their businesses which requires added load on the system. A collapse of the system caused by the overflow of users and information on the system can have adverse effects on the overall productivity of the organisation. To avoid such mishaps, a proper technique of load testing should be carried out to comprehend the measure of a burden that the system can withstand before making the changes.

Frequent Errors

The system may be fighting numerous underlying issues that seem to pop up every now and then about the application or the functionalities of the database. But they might be overlooked as the system runs smoothly. Such mistakes if not corrected can be tricky as they can cause sudden interruption of the business forms. Hence, to maintain a strategic distance from such disruption, the business management needs to understand the significance of settling these basic errors to keep the system running productively.

Security Issues

In today’s world with all information present on the digital platforms, the security of your system can be easily compromised. It is essential that your system has security patches to avoid unwanted attackers. Routine tests can be beneficial to keep away undesirable provider access to business secrets, compromising the organization's integrity.

GoSaaS is here to assist and help your business identify and understand your system problems along with providing a detailed solution to overcome those issues. 

Here are the various ways in which GoSaaS can serve your business: 

Architecture Review

GoSaaS has expertise with executing a full technical review of the system architecture, emphasising on how the physical architecture works with the software systems. A few of the parameters that are checked in detail include the Java Database Connectivity Connection, the number and health of the CPU cores and the managed services and lastly the heap memory of the system. Once all parameters are checked, a detailed review including the components and values is presented along with the GoSaaS and Oracle recommended strategies for the business to make their architecture much more efficient for the performance of their system.

Application, Database and Maintenance Errors 

GoSaaS ensures a 360-degree health check on your system including all of the applications and databases being used. Multiple parameters such as total PGA, SGA, DB Sync I/O and the database capacity sizes are thoroughly reviewed to be compared to what GoSaaS and Oracle experts are suggesting for much better system performance.

Performance Review

Performance of your business determines the success of your organization hence it is extremely important to check all performance parameters in order to extract maximum productivity out of the system operations. In terms of this particular review, we evaluate the latency, throughputs and IO performance of your system. Additionally, we provide training to the business employees on how to implement the suggested changes and make calculated adjustments that can lead to a much-improved performance. 

Security and Disaster Recovery

It is necessary to conduct routine check-ups of your system’s security patches or access to avoid unwanted people accessing the business secrets. Along with this, it is highly imperative to have a disaster recovery plan in place. GoSaaS will help your business come up with the perfect plan of testing your backups regularly to ensure they are upfront and working.

GoSaaS Blog Thumbnails (1)The webinar replay, “Are your Agile PLM and Oracle EBS Applications healthy?” will give you a detailed walkthrough of what issues your system may face and how GoSaaS can help you overcome those challenges with maximum efficiency.

Want to learn more about our Oracle Agile PLM and EBS health check services? Book an appointment with us today!

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