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What can you do with Oracle PLM Cloud?

Jun 11, 2021 1:42:44 PM

Against the backdrop of the global pandemic, the growing concerns of businesses around sustainable business models, supply chain resilience and profitable product development have speeded the adoption of reliable PLM platforms. As a result, PLM solutions are also constantly improving to meet the evolving needs of businesses. PLM is no longer the only software focusing on the design and engineering of the product; it's evolved into an enterprise platform. In this blog, we discuss how the updated PLM can make your business run more efficiently.

True PLM

Due to the widespread use of PLM, Oracle has added key modules, such as Innovation Management, Product Development, Product Data Hub, and Quality Management, assisting you from ideation of the product to the end of its life. Along with development, project planning and employee training have been made easier with the cloud. The updates allow you to make informed decisions and reduce risks through better risk and cost management. The integration of the product data hub simplifies collaboration in the cloud, allowing you to access all product information in one place.


Let’s look at the numerous features and add-ons of Cloud PLM:


Enterprise Data Access

Enterprise Data access is where all the information is readily available for all your employees. With cloud deployment, you will get many built-in applications, with everything coming through the same shared product data hub, ensuring all the information is available without going to other systems. In the case of onsite applications, the cloud has tools that allow two-way communication. The features of roles and privileges are essential here as it controls who the information is made available to and ensures data security.


Employee Training System (ETS)

GoSaaS Employee Training System assists the organization in keeping track and recording the employee data on a single platform and ensures that employees meet the company's training requirements. It is integrated with Oracle PLM Cloud to effectively create and maintain training materials and export them to the training system for course creation. Cloud integration helps maintain the consistency of all course data in the entire system and simplifies change management. ETS is full of many advanced features, including self-learning and instructor-led training, a complete dashboard with a course overview and easy reporting.


Risk Management

The Cloud PLM system can perform comprehensive risk analysis in PLM, capturing hazard situations and the potential severity. Now you can generate reports and link them to products and get all product information in one place. Furthermore, these reports can come in very handy in letting you know the problematic areas of the product and improvements that can be made to minimize the risk. Nowadays, when there are more competitors in the market, it is essential to bring a high-quality product with better commercial value.


Closed-loop quality management

The PLM cloud computing system can tie all workflow processes together into the system with closed-loop quality management. With the integration of project management functions into the cloud, the system can assign tasks to your employees and see an overall view of project details in one place. In this way, you can view what is happening, when it's happening, and who is managing specific tasks, making project management easier for you.



Product Data Hub is the central database in the system. The database allows you to capture product information and communicate with other connected systems, such as quality management, inspection, enterprise tools, and supply chain management. Product development and supply chain updates are all concentrated on a unified platform. This kind of collaboration between systems ensures better product quality and improves customer trust.


Environmental Governance & Compliance (EG&C)

EG&C by GoSaaS provides tools and processes that allow the enterprise to make decisions on the status of the required regulations to ensure that the company meets the ever-changing regulatory requirements of the market. It assures a smooth centralized product compliance experience for customers. It promotes the compliance process and your access to the global market, reduces costs, and minimizes investment losses and legal issues.


With its functionalities, PLM Cloud provides a pool of opportunities for all industries to produce better goods alongside generating high profits. For more information on how to use the cloud in the best way, contact our GoSaaS team

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