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A Year of Change

Jan 29, 2021 6:28:44 AM

The beginning of the year 2021 has brought a great sense of relief and hope for a much better year ahead. Despite all the hardships, the past year has been a year of change and adaptability for all of us. Businesses worldwide have witnessed an unprecedented pace to deploy digital initiatives, supporting new working models, changing customer expectations, and overall business continuity.

Though the past year had its setbacks, it was still the year of great success for all of us at GoSaaS. With GoSaaS shifting to remote working for the first time, we scaled up our US and offshore offices, including new team members in leadership roles. This led to GoSaaS effectively completing several Go Lives with remote training, Conference Room Pilot (CRPs) and User Acceptance Tests (UATs) due to the pandemic.

A major highlight has been the GoSaaS partnership with Trinamix, a leader in Supply Chain Management and Industry 4.0 solutions. The motive behind this partnership is to deliver an integrated SCM and PLM customer experience by implementing Oracle’s Cloud Applications. This partnership will help organizations accelerate their groundbreaking journey to the Cloud by combining expertise and optimizing costs while delivering exceptional customer service. Through this partnership, both GoSaaS and Trinamix will extend their capabilities worldwide, enhance strategic positioning in the market and provide new perspectives on a joint customer base that requires SCM and PLM Solutions.

GoSaaS has successfully given a new face to existing products and created new products like GoStart to cater to new business demands. The GoSaaS GoStart consists of best practices industry templates developed by GoSaaS to speed up the PLM Cloud implementation process. The Employee Training System (ETS) was released with upgraded highlights, making employee training an efficient and streamlined process all while connecting to Oracle PLM Cloud. GoSaaS has also released a new User Interface of the Environmental Governance and Compliance solution (EG&C) for a user-friendly environment for our customers. Other new functionalities have also been added like the supporting of SCIP, create, search or update exemptions, Agile authentication and many more.

With a handful of victories, last year without a doubt has proven to be a successful year for GoSaaS, which could not be possible without the continuous efforts and passion of our employees. Lastly, we would like to thank our customers and partners for their continued trust in GoSaaS, and we look forward to working with you in 2021 and beyond.


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