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Environmental Governance & Compliance (EG&C) 

Compliance made easy

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What is Environmental Governance & Compliance (EG&C)?

Environmental Governance & Compliance or EG&C is used by Compliance Managers & Suppliers to identify regulated substances used in products and to check if the products comply with desired regulations.

Integrates with Agile PLM & Oracle PLM Cloud

An integration service will exchange data to external systems like, Agile PLM or Oracle PLM Cloud.

The Only PLM Dedicated Compliance Solution

GoSaaS EG&C is the only solution that sits on Oracle Cloud and is seamlessly integrated to Oracle PLM Cloud.




Everything in one place:

  • Supports over 127 regulations; RoHS 2, REACH Annex, REACH SVHC, California Proposition 65, Conflict Minerals and more
  • Over 2600 preloaded substances
  • Multiple Roll-up engines
  • Updateable regulations, exemptions and substances
  • Create customizable reports with OPLA in Agile or OTBI in Cloud

Boost your business with:

  • Supplier information visibility
  • Efficient and real time workflows
  • Multiple specification compliance status visible in a single view
  • Maximum security
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Productivity growth

Data Movement has never been smoother:

  • Convenient Report Exporting
  • BOM Import for simplified compliance management

Features that make a difference:

  • Pre-made templates for data upload
  • Detailed reports generated
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Integrates with Oracle Cloud

EG&C supports:

  • RoHS 2
  • REACH Annex
  • California Proposition 65
  • Conflict Minerals

Roles in EG&C

There are two roles in EG&C; the Compliance Manager & the Supplier

The Compliance Manager can:

  • Search for an item to learn about its part family, class, mass, lifecycle phase, Approved Manufacturer List (AML) & compliance statuses.
  • Create declarations that can be sent to the Supplier. The declarations can be viewed, withdrawn or filled on behalf of the Supplier.
  • Approve or reject the information provided in the declaration by the Supplier.
  • Run a job to know the compliance computation status.
  • Generate reports on Parts with Compliance Issues, Supplier Compliance, Missing Substances & Effective Period Expiration.

The Supplier can:

  • Fill in the requested data (e.g. substance composition, substance presence) in the declarations assigned to the Supplier by the Compliance Manager.

What’s more?

Generate Reports

  • AML Report
  • BOM Report
  • Full Material Compliance Report
  • Template Report
Convenient Searching

  • Parts with Compliance Issues
  • Suppliers
  • Missing Substances
  • Effective Period Expiration

EG&C regulations include:

California Perchlorate Contamination Prevention Act

California Proposition 65

Canadian Environmental Protection Act

Canadian Regulation SOR 2008-273


China ROHS

Conflict Mineral

EU Battery Directive 2006 66 EC

EU Directive 2019 1021 EC


EU Packaging Regulation 94 62 EC


India ROHS

Japan ROHS


Japanese Law Article 13 Evaluation of Chemical Substances

Japanese Law Preventing Environmental Pollution of Mercury

Norway Product Regulation No. 922 of 2004




REACH Annex XIV (for RoHS Parts)


REACH Annex XVII (for RoHS Parts)




Section 1 EPP restrictions

Swiss Ordinance on Reduction of Risk from Chemical Products


The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete Ozone Layer

Title 17 California Code of Regulations




PG&C vs. GoSaaS EG&C

GoSaaS EG&C Battlecard

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