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Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud

gosaas eg&c


Comply with health & environmental regulations in an easy and systemized manner while keeping your team and the suppliers in the loop throughout.

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gosaas power tools

GoSaaS Power Tools

Let the system automatically assign the right users to the right scenario and perform bulk BOM updates whenever needed.

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gosaas employee training system


Track and record employee training in a centralized platform to ensure your employees are well-trained & up-to-date with company essentials.

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gosaas migrator

GoSaaS Migrator

Migrate your data and configurations in an efficient, fast and systematic manner without losing important information.

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gosaas integrator

GoSaaS Integrator

Synchronize your system’s data for a smooth business workflow between all systems.

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gosaas adapters

GoSaaS Adapters

Integrate your cloud applications with on-premise and cloud systems with GoSaaS adaptor.es.

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gosaas inspection management


Produce faultless products with the help of regular inspections at every stage of the manufacturing process.

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Agile Product Lifecycle Management

gosaas unique device identifier


Streamline and simplify the process of compliance with FDA regulations for UDI.

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gosaas assist+


Providing guidance to the user throughout the Agile PLM experience.

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gosaas automation engine

Automation Engine

Create custom actions for Agile PLM without writing a single line of code.

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gosaas excel add-in

Excel Add-in for Agile PLM

Work with the familiar Microsoft Excel to work with BOMs, AMLs and Change Orders.

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gosaas eco dashboard

ECO Dashboard

Make decisions by simply navigating through a volume of changes and accessing all decision data elements.

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gosaas UI wizard

UI Wizard

Ease and fasten record creation according to your chosen responses.

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gosaas xreports


Generate reports through Agile Searches and other data sources.

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