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GoSaaS Integrator

Maintain a smooth business flow to ensure consistent data across all the systems with the help of this intelligent solution

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What is GoSaaS Integrator?

The integrator is designed for the synchronization of objects between any two systems. It is a message based integration system that has the capability to pull or push the data from any complex system based upon the invoke/trigger adapters.

How Integration helps?

  • Integrity Maintained
  • Provides enhanced change management
  • Supports Bidirectional Synchronization
  • Ensures Easy business flow
  • Ensures that data accuracy is maintained between the systems

Accelerate your performance with GoSaaS Integrator

  • Small Footprint
  • Integrated Single and Batch Processing capabilities
  • Monitoring and Control by Web Portal
  • Mappings and Transformation
  • Automatic Retry Mechanism
  • Message Status Transition History
  • Logging
  • Inbound/Outbound Message Visibility

Understand the Integrator Process:



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