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Employee Training

Track and Train your employees efficiently

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What is the GoSaaS Employee Training System (ETS)?

GoSaaS Employee Training System (ETS) helps an organization keep track and record the employee training centralized at a single platform. Our out of the box system aids the employees in becoming compliant with their organization’s training. It is integrated with Oracle PLM Cloud for efficient creation and maintenance of the training material. Introducing the Employee Training System within your company will bring a positive change in the performance of your organization.

Different Roles in Employee Training System

The Employee Training System allows the usage of the system with three different roles, each with their own set of responsibilities and rights provided to them on the system.

  • Portal Admin: Portal Admin controls all the configurations on the system including different settings for different roles, users and audit trails.
  • Managers: Managers are responsible for creating, assigning and tracking the status of the training.
  • Trainee:  The users (employees)  who actually go through the training and receive sign-offs and badges after the completion of the training.
employee training system


The system consists of different training materials:


GoSaaS Employee Training System comprises of categories of courses to be shared with the trainees. It gives the clients a choice if each course should comprise of one or more training items regarding the topic depending on the client.

Training Items

In GoSaaS ETS, training items are a part of the course and each training item can contain one or more attachments.


A Quiz is a meaningful way to gain feedback, for both the manager and trainee to understand how much of the course has been understood and what areas require improvement. The Quiz in ETS can consist of multiple-choice, fill in the blanks and drag-drop questions. The length of the quiz can be any number of questions with duration and number of attempts to be set by the manager.




A report is a compilation of all the information gathered from the system and its analysis. These reports are only accessible to managers for viewing and analyzing the standing of the employees. Below is the list of all reports that are available in our solution.

Compliance Matrix

A compliance matrix is a matrix tool that uses cross-referencing to compare the results of two different things and answers a specific question related to the two groups of topics. In GoSaaS ETS, a compliance matrix is used to find out the status of each course that is assigned to the specific user group.

Training Item Report

Training item report tracks each trainee's progress on the training item level.

Training History Report

The training history provides an overview of all the training and their status in detail for all the users that are present in GoSaaS ETS.

Overdue Training Report

This report provides a list of all the trainings that are overdue. A simple report can be generated for analysis by the managers.

Course Report 

It generates a report regarding the course and all its training items.

User Report

It helps to track a particular user and all of their courses.


Instance Report

It helps generate reports of the course instances and its sessions.

Course Quiz Report

It gives an overview of all the trainees enrolled in the courses and their progress on the quiz.

User Quiz Report

It helps to generate a report on a particular trainee and all their quizzes.


Benefits of GoSaaS ETS

  • Selection of employees for a certain task according to their competency 
  • Centralized system for all employee documentation
  • Enables viewing of the organization's overall learning progress
  • All employees with the same role are provided with identical and updated training
  • Helps managers keep track of completed or pending training
  • Increased capacity to adopt new technologies 
  • Provides the capability of Instructor-Led Training and Self Learning Training
  • Single Training Item or Multiple Training Item course
  • Training/Course Management
  • User and User Group level assignment of courses
  • Personalized automated notifications creation
  • Course approvals by Specific Managers to maintain quality of content
  • Training completion approvals by Managers
  • Synchronized with PLM
  • Robust notifications framework
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Audit Trails
  • Granular Security consisting of Roles/Task-based framework

Employee Training System Workflow


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