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Product Design &

Product design, development, and implementation of PLM strategy are what differentiates between the best of companies

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Are you facing these challenges?

  • Disconnected Product Systems

Without the right tools and expertise continuously connected, it becomes almost impossible to design the right product. Information and updates then become inconsistent throughout the company.

  • Product Visibility

An unorganized product breakdown hinders the understanding and improvement of a product. Product Development should hence be documented from the beginning stage, i.e product design.

  • Disconnected Global Teams

With teams all around the world, it gets hard to coordinate and stay organized. It has become important to use systems that can be accessed from anywhere to make and store real-time updates in an organized manner.

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Explore our solutions

Our product design and development solutions can help businesses  to reform their processes, including items, BOMs, and change management, in an efficient manner. Regardless of the size of your organization or the nature of your industry, our platform simplifies and accelerates product creation.


GoSaaS Integrator

Synchronize your system’s data for a smooth business workflow between all systems.

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Oracle Agile PLM

Understand the product development process, design decisions, and much more so you can create the best products.

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Oracle PLM Cloud

Design and develop the best possible products while coordinating with your team.

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Accelerate Better Outcomes with Product Development in the Cloud

Enable your organization to innovate, iterate and launch new products faster by connecting processes, customers and teams.

Accelerate Product Development
Lower Expenses
Reduce Time to Market
product development cloud

Speed Product Development with PLM: A Single Source of Product Truth

Oracle PDH  Cloud
Key Capabilities

Efficient Design Management Driven by Customer Needs

Improve efficiency through a collaborative design environment for product architects, designers, and executives to conceive, capture, analyze, and approve product concepts that align with product strategy objectives.


Approved concepts can be transmitted immediately to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions for prototype planning, detailed design, and product introduction.


Collaborative Product Development across the Enterprise

Items, structures (BOM), and changes are used to track the product development processes and expedite the marketing of the correct items.


Achieve seamless collaboration and maintain a smooth business flow to ensure consistent data across all platforms.


Manage modifications to items (parts) formally and centrally, and items/BOMs can be released to manufacturing with sourcing recommendations (example, manufacturer parts).


Enable Digital Transformation with Top-line and Bottom-line Growth

Upgrade Your Digital Transformation

Expand your company's revenue streams and enable innovative business models to thrive in the face of volatile market conditions.

Achieve Business Scalability

Accelerate product development and scalability by enabling enterprise collaboration with all essential data, insights, and stakeholders.

Enhanced Product Quality

Collaborate throughout the value chain to develop the right products, successfully commercialize them, and resolve quality issues quickly.

Drive Innovation

Create high-quality, smart and compliant products using innovative product design tools and development techniques.

Improve Customer Experiences

Put the consumer at the heart of your business to make efficient product experiences that enhance win rates and long-term retention.

Build a Sustainable Enterprise

Build a resilient and robust supply chain by effectively qualifying and collaborating with global vendors.

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