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Commercialization and
Supply Chain Management

In this competitive world, the quality of the product is important, but having a good sales process cycle is equally a determinant of success

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Are you facing these challenges?

  • Inconsistent Data

With plenty of parties involved in the manufacturing of a product, it is essential to minimize the chance of fragmented data spread over non-integrated systems to ensure an effective process from manufacturing to sales.

  • Lack of Insight into the sales process

Two-way communication is important between the suppliers and the business, keeping track of all the invoices and sales information that takes place helps in the improved sales process.

  • Operational Inefficiency

Fragmented information scattered across numerous systems give rise to operational inefficiency in all departments of the business like product design, manufacturing to marketing, sales, and many more. Hence, all the information must be consolidated to avoid inaccuracies and data replication.

Commercialization & Supply Chain Management

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Oracle Product Hub

Manufacture high quality and flawless products with synchronized product development practices.

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Oracle Supplier Portal Cloud

Allow businesses to bring together all the suppliers to a single platform for greater insights into sales and customer experience.

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Effective Cloud Collaboration Improves Customer Satisfaction

Always design and construct high-quality products on time. The cloud-based product lifecycle management and supply chain management solutions provided by GoSaaS facilitate the synchronization of business processes, migration across a uniform supply chain platform, and product development processes.

Glaukos selected GoSaaS and Trinamix for End-to-End Oracle SCM-ERP Cloud Implementation.

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Accelerate Communication Among Internal Teams and Partners

Internal teams and their partners in the supply chain are more fragmented than ever before. Everyone involved in the creation and introduction of new products must have quick access to the most up-to-date product and quality information to support that items can be constructed as designed and on schedule.

You have a platform intended for secure, swift collaboration and traceability from early design through volume production, regardless of the number of partners you have.

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Key Capabilities

Enhance Communication with Suppliers by Removing Barriers:

Gain access to a secure, integrated supplier work area that provides full visibility to transactions, and closed loop collaboration


Broaden supplier adoption by expanding self service to almost any supplier by providing an intuitive, browser-based solution


Enable Supplier Profile Self Management by gaining access to a complete set of tools to manage supplier profile, secure access to supplier information including compliance and reporting

Streamline, standardize, and automate source-to-settlement procedure with the aid of contemporary technology that boosts influence over expenditures and procurement methods

Establish a Basis for Effective Product Data Management

Share the necessary product data for sales, marketing, supply chain, and ERP systems in order to efficiently commercialize new products and services


Use a best-practice approach with flexible attribution, change control, and native-governance capabilities, which keeps item master data clean and synchronized across applications, data pools, and partners


Ensures that comprehensive and consistent product information is published across all sales channels, while exchanging trustworthy product data across back-end SCM, ERP, and order fulfillment systems.


Deliver accurate and timely product master data that drives accurate and timely inventory, production, planning, and throughput reporting


Automate and provide ongoing business-rule validations and data verification to enable global contract manufacturers and suppliers to obtain accurate information and authenticated data


Collaborate Seamlessly. Improve Sales Effectiveness.

Optimize Customer Experiences

Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, an increase in market share, and the preservation of the brand's reputation.

Create Resilient Supply Chain

Provide seamless supply chain experience regardless of the method of purchase. Ensure that all online, wholesale, and retail channels have precise and reliable product information.

Better and Faster Results

Cloud-based end-to-end supply chain planning expedites the achievement of better outcomes. Effortlessly combine demand insights, supply constraints, and stakeholder input.

Excel through Intelligence

Utilize customer experience, operational, machine, and product data for trend prediction, scenario modeling, and effective planning. Accelerate innovation, adjust plans and forecasts rapidly, enhance decision-making, and align supply chain execution to outpace change.

Accelerate Business Performance

Continuously enhance forecast precision, collaboration, and end-to-end visibility with flexible and robust supply chain planning, production, and execution. Integrated, cutting-edge technologies that enable you to adapt to fluctuating conditions and increase process efficiency.

Streamline Product Data in the Cloud

Standardize product data early in a product's lifetime, allowing faster analysis of new product developments and R&D investment decisions. Streamlines product design, manufacturing planning, and costing with organized new item introduction, governance, and change management processes.

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