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Should you upgrade to Agile 9.3.6 or go directly to Cloud PLM?

Mar 26, 2019 2:49:00 AM

I’m sure you’ve heard the direction PLM is going in is to the Cloud. A9 customers should upgrade to the On-Prem 9.3.6 depending on the sustainability of the upgrade for organization. The organization’s specific plans for moving to newer upgrades of the Agile On-Prem or migrating to Oracle Cloud PLM are key to this decision. A Hybrid or “Wait and See” approach are additional options for A9 customers.

Upgrading to on-Prem 9.3.6

The Agile 9.3.6 comes with a unique set of new features that can serve as a critical catalyst in salvaging greater business value. As mentioned in our blog about the "Latest Features of 9.3.6", the new system offers a more secure and efficient PLM. To weigh the odds of whether or not you should upgrade to 9.3.6, consider the following advantages:

Migrating to the Oracle Cloud PLM

The alternate approach is migrating immediately to the Cloud. Migration to the cloud allows you to access a great deal more information about your business environment to base your plans on. It also accelerates the production process and maximizes the value of your output by offering better controls and greater marketability. For more information about the Cloud, check out our blog about the “Oracle Cloud PLM”.

The A9/Agile PLM to Cloud Hybrid Approach

Not ready to make the complete move to the Cloud? With a Hybrid Approach, you have the ability to keep your core Product Collaboration (PC) in A9 along with additional cloud functionality. We’ve included many possibilities where you can add cloud functionality with your on-prem Agile PLM:

  • Innovation Management“(IM)” – allows you to organize the choosing and materializing of the key innovative into rewarding opportunities for customers
  • Product Data Hub (PDH) – gives the enterprise information rather than the design information
  • Environmental Governance Compliance (EG&C)
  • Quality Process from Cloud– Includes everything in total quality management and beyond such as CAPA, Problem Reports and Incoming Inspections.
  • Cloud PPM – Particularly helps with resource management, project scheduling and project financials. Essential NPI Program Management in Cloud PPM.

Wait and See

The “Wait and See” approach implies making no immediate move to upgrade to the Agile PLM 9.3.6 or migrating to the Oracle Cloud PLM Reasons for waiting could include internal priorities for your organization, regulatory reasons or that you are waiting for a critical, must-have functionality.

The benefit of waiting is saving the financial investment you make to upgrade to the Cloud by potentially migrating directly to the cloud later. Waiting also allows you to allocate resources to other projects such as delivering a much needed add-on like our new Employee Training Management or other solutions that GoSaaS offers which work with Agile PLM and Cloud PLM.

Still not sure which route to take? Contact us today to schedule some time to discuss your organization’s initiatives and we can assist you with your decision.

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