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How SCM and PLM are better together


Many industries have started questioning their methods of operations due to the advantages brought by the emerging technology – allowing your organizations to make faster and better-informed decisions. Previously, all data was scattered across multiple systems, the ideas and product information was saved across spreadsheets, presentations, and emails. Although these solutions had been beneficial in the past, the increasing complexity of products and supply chain methods makes these solutions a great challenge to use.

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How can Oracle PLM Cloud enable Digital Innovation?


Businesses in the modern era achieve success in various ways. Companies today want to achieve a frictionless relationship with their customers along with the development of high-quality products, which is not possible without adopting the new technologies.

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Easy transition to the Cloud in 5 steps


Enterprises across the globe are transitioning from traditional technology infrastructure to more agile, secure and flexible systems in the cloud. From enhancing collaboration to accelerating innovation, there are many reasons for migration, but without a good implementation plan and cloud experience, migration will not be easy.

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What can you do with Oracle PLM Cloud?


Against the backdrop of the global pandemic, the growing concerns of businesses around sustainable business models, supply chain resilience and profitable product development have speeded the adoption of reliable PLM platforms. As a result, PLM solutions are also constantly improving to meet the evolving needs of businesses. PLM is no longer the only software focusing on the design and engineering of the product; it's evolved into an enterprise platform. In this blog, we discuss how the updated PLM can make your business run more efficiently.

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Top 5 trends of Manufacturing Industry in 2021


2020 was a challenging year, but despite many twists and turns, valuable insights were learned, and these lessons have shaped the manufacturing trends that will make 2021 a success.

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Oracle PLM Cloud: One platform with Endless Possibilities


Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a strategic software solution that optimizes product development and innovation by integrating data, workflows, and systems across a value chain. This fuels collaboration between different processes and departments while dropping costs that go into developing new products.

Topics: Oracle Cloud PLM, Agile Product Lifecycle Management, Industry 4.0

Oracle PLM Cloud vs Arena PLM


Creating and supporting great products requires innovation, data analysis, team collaboration, consistent quality, and safety checks, along with a strong commercialization plan. All this is impossible to manage without the right PLM software. With several PLM software options available on the market, it is not easy to choose one according to your requirements. We have picked out two SaaS PLM solutions: Oracle PLM Cloud and Arena PLM, and we'll discuss their strengths and differences.

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A Year of Change


The beginning of the year 2021 has brought a great sense of relief and hope for a much better year ahead. Despite all the hardships, the past year has been a year of change and adaptability for all of us. Businesses worldwide have witnessed an unprecedented pace to deploy digital initiatives, supporting new working models, changing customer expectations, and overall business continuity.

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Business Applications for the Medical Device Industry


The medical device industry faces enormous pressures that range from urgent product innovation to supply chain inefficiencies, quality inconsistency, and increased regulatory compliance, such as tracking employee training at each manufacturing step. Such issues require either optimizing current technological assets or upgrading to new solutions. With the right tools that provide visibility, interconnectedness, analytics, and transparency, developing compliant products at scale with agility and increased ROI can become a reality..

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Product Lifecycle Management For High-Tech Manufacturers


The increased product innovation, ever-increasing quality and compliance regulations, the changing working models, tight profit margins, and new business models are some of the many factors that are driving dramatic changes in the market dynamics for high-tech manufacturers, forcing them to reconsider their existing business approaches. This is where PLM outshines. Keep reading to explore the benefits of a robust PLM solution for high-tech manufacturers to remain relevant in the changing business environment. 

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