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Product Hub

Streamline your product management process with an efficient and low-cost solution

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To compete with the fast-paced world today businesses require an intelligent Product data management tool. Oracle Product Hub is your trusted and low-cost solution that will help you keep all your product development, ERP solutions, supply chain, and Omni-channel commerce initiatives at a single place.

Learn more about the Oracle Product Hub

  • It allows mass search, mass edit, and update
  • It has the feature of item, digital asset and catalog management
  • Provides a collaborative workflow throughout all the systems
  • Enforces data governance
  • Consists of a vendor portal
  • Keeps track through audit trails
  • Generates reports for a better understanding of the products

Recapture Product Management

  • Share relevant and complete data with all the systems connected to the Hub
  • Maintain regulatory compliance
  • Improve data quality throughout the system
  • Achieve fast product development to meet the market demands
  • Search accurate and up to date product data throughout the enterprise
  • Reduce manual errors in all data processes
  • Validate and remediate all data errors
  • Reduced IT and administrative costs

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