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GoSaaS Read-only Portal

Provide real-time product data to company allied groups securely

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What is the GoSaaS Read-only Portal? 

The GoSaaS Read-only portal enables your company's allied group and key internal users to view current product data in a secure and searchable portal. The portal allows for referencing to real-time data entities like BOMs, documents, change records, and CAD drawings to ensure fruitful collaboration and top-notch product quality at minimal cost and time.

How can the GoSaaS Read-only Portal help?

  • GoSaaS Read-only Portal comes with pre-built data migration tools for Oracle Agile PLM. It can also support Items, BOM, Documents, Drawings, and other common product data entities provided in CSV format or as a database
  • Suppliers can view updated information to ensure accurate material deliveries 
  • Single streamed collaboration regarding product data such as Design, Documents, Compliance and Quality Issues with internal teams and external groups such as suppliers or clients 
  • Providing complete access to all information may pose a security risk and is too costly. Therefore, the GoSaaS Read-only Portal allows different groups of people, limited and restricted access to the company’s information present in the database.

Product Highlights

  • Cloud-hosted 
  • Highly available and scalable solution
  • Secure
    • User authentication using active directory or third-party authentication providers
    • User authorization based on group level privileges 
      • Item class level security
      • Attribute group-level security
      • At rest data encryption for enhanced security
  • Multiple search options
    •  User-Friendly search options
    •  Basic keyword search options
    •  Advanced search options to build complex search criteria
    •  Allows users to export search results in MS Excel format
    •  Saves frequently searched queries
  • Extensive viewing ability
    • Allows a user-friendly view of Bill of Materials
    • Allows users to view related documents
    • Allows users to view related items
    • Users can view the version history of objects
  • Highly responsive and intuitive interface 
  • Admin Panel for the desired user access
    • Create users, user groups, assign permissions (classes & tabs)

How does it work?

  • Users can simply browse and search for sub-classifications of data and Item standard information, Class-specific information, its BOM, where it is used
  • Related documents would be available to view as well
  • Similarly, in-depth information on Change History, Affected items, and attachments are also available for the user to view


  • Offer customize reconfigurability, limited access of the GoSaaS Read-only Portal
  • Offers secure, user-friendly and designated view 
  • Improves the overall efficiency as there is one stream where all users collaborate
  • Organizes the data and makes it easily available whenever required
  • Improves your system’s performance while meeting relevant data retention requirements
  • Customizations including save searches & links

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