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GoSaaS Archiver

Historical product data secured in a powerful yet user-friendly portal

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What is the GoSaaS Archiver? 

The GoSaaS Archiver allows you to store your historical product data in a secure and searchable portal. The portal enables navigation of the historical data in a context-aware fashion that maintains references to all related data entities like BOMs, documents, change records, and CAD drawings.

How can the GoSaaS Archiver help?

When the customer migrates from Agile PLM or another on-premise PLM solution to Oracle PLM Cloud, moving historical data to the Cloud presents a unique challenge.

Customers may want to convert this into an opportunity to simplify and improve their product data configuration. 

  • They can do so by keeping their historical data in GoSaaS Archiver, where it stays available for future reference in meeting reference and compliance needs
  • Links to archived data from their Oracle PLM Cloud are also created 
  • This approach can significantly reduce Oracle PLM Cloud implementation time and complexity by only moving the most current version of the product data to the Cloud
  • GoSaaS Archiver comes with pre-built data migration tools for Oracle Agile PLM. It can also support Items, BOM, Documents, Drawings and other common product data entities provided in CSV format or as a database

Product Highlights

  • Cloud-hosted
  • Highly scalable
  • Secure
    • User authentication using active directory or third-party
    • User authorization based on group level privileges 
      • Item class level security
      • Attribute group-level security
      • At rest data encryption security
  • Multiple search options
    • User-friendly
    • Basic keywords
    • Advanced search
    • Users can export search results in MS excel
    • Saves searched queries
  • Extensive viewing ability of:
    • Bill of Materials
    • Related documents
    • Related items
    • History of objects
    • Highly responsive interface
  • Admin Panel for user access
    • Create users, user groups, assign permissions

GoSaaS Archiver: Preserve Your Business’s Digital Legacy





The GoSaaS Archiver allows users a data-driven view of Parts, Documents, BOMs, and hiver and Oracle PLM Cloud.

  • While Oracle PLM Cloud uses current data, the GoSaaS Archiver stores and classifies historic data 
  • Once the data is transferred, users can simply browse and search for sub-classifications of data and Item standard information, Class-specific information, its BOM, where it is used
  • Related documents would be available to view as well. Similarly, in-depth information on Change History, Affected items and attachments are also available for the user to view

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