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Power Tools

Accelerate and enhance your approvals, security and BOM updates

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Understanding GoSaaS Power Tools

GoSaaS Power Tools are a set of functionalities created especially for Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud to fasten and optimize workflow. There are 3 versions of this functionality: 

Workflow Manager 

It is used in assigning a particular change to particular users in a firm. The approval of these users is essential for the workflow.

Security Manager 

It is used to ensure that a particular item is visible to restricted personnel.

BOM Manager 

 It ensures that the change orders with correct updates can be created to make mass changes in item structures.

Why do you need GoSaaS Power Tools?

  • Configurable according to user’s needs
  • Automatically authorizes team members & security personnel
  • Saves time by being able to complete bulk operations on Item structures

Prerequisites for GoSaaS Power Tools

GoSaaS Power Tools, Workflow Manager, Security Manager & BOM Manager work with Oracle Product Development Cloud


How does it work?

Workflow Manager


Security Manager


BOM Manager



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