Power Tools

Accelerate and enhance your approvals, security and BOM updates

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Understanding GoSaaS Power Tools

GoSaaS Power Tools are a set of functionalities created especially for Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud to fasten and optimize workflow. There are 3 versions of this functionality: 

  • Workflow Manager: Routing change to appropriate users for approvals
  • Security Manager: Managing security for items
  • BOM Manager: Performing Bulk operations on item structures and wherever the item is used

Why do you need GoSaaS Power Tools?

  • Configurable according to user’s needs
  • Automatically and accurately authorizes team members & security personnel
  • Saves time by being able to complete bulk operations on Item structures


  • Workflow Manager for Change Creation
  • Security Manager for Item Creation
  • BOM Manager for BOM updates

How does it work?

Workflow Manager

workflow manager

Security Manager

security manager

BOM Manager

BOM manager