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GoSaaS Inspection

Produce faultless products with the help of regular inspections at every stage of the manufacturing process

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Overview of GoSaaS Inspection Management (GIM)

GoSaaS Inspection Management (GIM) provides an enhanced experience for creating and managing inspection plans as well as creating individual inspections from those plans. It helps our client to thoroughly inspect all their products, its parts and subparts.
These inspection plans are structured plans created in product development which consist of inspection plan characteristics. To ensure inspection of the products at every step, GIM has three types of inspection plans:

  • Receiving Inspection - The inspection that is used for the subparts received to build the final product
  • Work In Progress Inspection - The inspection performed during the process of the manufacturing of the finished product
  • Finished Goods Inspection - The final inspection performed on the final product

GIM contains two kinds of important roles for smooth functioning of the system. Each has its own set of functions in GIM. The roles and their functions are as following:

GIM Inspector (User)

  • Create Inspections
  • Create batches for Lot level characteristics
  • Upload measurements
  • Submit for approval
  • Approve Inspections

GIM Manager (Admin)

  • All Inspectors’ permissions
  • Change status for approved, rejected and submitted inspections

Get more done with GIM

  • Ensures automated and fast inspection than human inspection
  • Reduced inspection errors as all inspections are being performed with the same inspection plans
  • Detailed inspection performed at Lot, Item and Supplier level
  • Accuracy and consistency maintained
  • Enhanced inspection plan approval workflow to ensure authenticity

Why the GoSaaS Inspection tool?

  • Detailed visibility into inspection life cycle
  • Two-factor authentication for approval workflow
  • Pass/fail inspection tests at Lot, Supplier and item level
  • Track change history in inspection plans

Understand the procedure of GIM


To learn more about the GoSaaS Inspection Management tool get in contact with us here.

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