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GoSaaS Engineering
Cloud Vault

Your go-to platform for storing product information

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What is the GoSaaS Engineering Cloud Vault?

The GoSaaS Engineering Cloud Vault is a File Vault that offers safe uploading of product information such as parts, assemblies, and design files in a centralized platform. It keeps a record while also maintaining their version history. This platform encourages team collaboration and secure access through check-in & check-out along with version-controlled product information. 

What challenges does the customer face?

  • Product information visibility
  • Design information is scattered among systems 
  • No Vault to store product information 
  • Multi-CAD environment - ECAD & MCAD
Product Highlights 
  • GoSaaS Cloud CAD Vault is integrated with Oracle PLM Cloud
  • Keeps a record of parts/Assemblies & CAD files
  • Version history is maintained
  • Check-in/Check-out of design files 
  • Bi-directional integration & synchronization of Parts/Assemblies with Oracle PLM Cloud 
  • Updates Change Order information along with lifecycle and revision details
  • Supports various CAD tools including MCAD and ECAD
  • Extremely robust allowing it to work with several vault solutions

How does it work?

There are several process flows depending on the status and location of the part.

  1.  A new CAD part can be preserved in the GoSaaS Engineering Cloud Vault, or an existing saved part can be loaded
  2. After the design is finalized, the data is pushed to Oracle PLM Cloud and the GoSaaS Engineering Cloud Vault will be updated accordingly
  3. The relevant part is placed on change order as an affected item and the information regarding change order with the item number is then pushed back in the CAD tool 
  4. Once the change order is completed, the information and the lifecycle and revision information are updated on the respective parts in the CAD tool

GoSaaS Engineering Cloud Vault

  • Offers secure uploading of product information
  • Allows user-friendly access to review drawings in Oracle PD
  • Promotes team collaboration

 To learn how the GoSaaS Engineering Cloud Vault can benefit you, book a free consultancy session.

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