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Summer Webinar Series:
Top Reasons to Move to
Oracle PLM Cloud


The biggest challenge this year has been to cope with the consequences of the pandemic. In such times, IT and business leaders are considering the possibility of moving to a more resilient system. If you’re looking for a solution to help you in the current situation and in the future, have you considered moving to Oracle PLM Cloud?

Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud provides excellent business value and supports a reliable way to manage your business. Moving to the Cloud brings you a step ahead in product conception by allowing abundant ideas and connections from all over the company by ensuring team collaboration and product visibility. Everything is integrated into one place to show the bigger picture of your product development process. Oracle PLM Cloud enhances the future scalability of proposals and portfolios of your plans by providing detailed insights with the help of real-time dashboards & analytics.

This summer, the PLM community viewed the GoSaaS Summer Webinar Series where GoSaaS PLM Subject Matter Expert (SME) Tom Nelson, and Oracle Solution Engineer and Project Management Professional (PMP) Avery De Marr discussed the top reasons why organizations should move to the Cloud and how GoSaaS can help make your move seamless.

Check out what you missed or relive the segments from this summer's Top Reasons to Move to Oracle PLM Cloud webinar series:

Part I

An in-depth discussion on the top reasons of why your organization should move to the cloud categorized into:

  • Technical Advantages of moving to the Cloud
  • Financial Benefits of moving to the Cloud
  • Business Advantages
  • What our customers are saying
Air Date: July 22nd

Target Audience: Business & IT Decision Makers

Watch Replay


Part II

A comprehensive session on the benefits for IT on moving to the cloud and how GoSaaS can support your migration decision by discussing:

  • Upgrade Planning
  • Legacy to Cloud PLM Configuration
  • Configuration and Data Process with GoSaaS Migrator
  • Cloud Data Format Walk-Thru
  • Apps Composer
  • Multiple levels of classifications - more than Agile's Base Class|Class|Subclass
  • Page Composer

Air Date: August 19th
Target Audience:  IT Decision Makers



Part III

A walk-through of the customization possibilities for your Cloud system from your legacy system along with GoSaaS offerings & support for a seamless move classified by:

  • Customization to Cloud Mapping
    • Integration Overview
    • How PDH provides access to attributes from other systems
    • Legacy Integration to PLM Cloud
  • Support

Air Date: September 2nd
Target Audience:  IT Decision Makers

watch replay




About the Speakers


Tom Nelson

PLM Subject Matter Expert
GoSaaS, Inc.

As both a Business Process and PLM (SME), Tom has 40+ years of experience within the life sciences, high tech, and manufacturing industries. His involvement with both Agile PLM and PLM Cloud dates to an early release of each of these products. Recently relocated to perfection CA, otherwise known as Hollister, CA, with 2 dogs and a lovely wife. 20 minutes away from the beach and 40 minutes away from 2 wonderful grandchildren.


Avery De Marr

Solution Engineer and Project Management Professional

Solution Engineer for Oracle for 3+ years in the Product Lifecycle Management, Quality and Emerging Technologies areas. Before that 17 years in the semiconductor area working on everything from Process Technologies, Analog Engineering, PLM System and PLM Roadmap Design as a Business Analyst and Project Manager. Resides on the surface of the sun, aka Phoenix AZ area, with 4 kids, 1 dog, 1 hamster, 1 ball python and a most patient wife.


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