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GoStart Basic Edition

Accelerate your move to Oracle PLM Cloud with GoStart

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What is GoStart Basic Edition? 

GoSaaS GoStart (basic edition) are best practices industry templates developed by GoSaaS to speed up the cloud implementation process. GoSaaS provides a predefined application configuration that can be loaded quickly into the customer's cloud environment.


  • GoStart brings together the details for Item Classes and Change Orders (attributes and workflows) for the configuration in Oracle PLM Cloud
  • The security structure is also laid out in GoStart so that the roles and privileges can be assigned to the users accordingly
    • A combination of Create, Read, Update and Delete features can be used to form Job roles allowing them to perform certain actions
    • The job roles can be micromanaged and the security features can be implemented to the item class level. This granularity in security allows admin control on the system
  • The workflow of the Change Order has to be specified and the details for auto-promotion/demotion and approver options can be listed for a best-fit solution

GoSaaS' best-practices configuration baseline for the following:

  • Auto-numbering for Parts and Documents
  • Part and Document Classes with attributes

Top-notch Training

  • GoSaaS also trains the customer on how to modify certain configuration aspects based on the original GoStart settings
  • Self-paced training is provided along with on-going access to a training portal with continuously updated videos


  • Saves many hours of work researching, defining, and configuring a sophisticated set of part and document subclasses with associated attributes
  • Go-Live with the Oracle PLM Cloud solution will be much sooner

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