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Integrating Oracle PLM Cloud with GoSaaS CAD Vault


GoSaaS Cloud Vault will help you manage and design engineering data, improve collaboration between the teams and expedite the product development process. Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud consolidates product innovation, development & commercialization on a fully connected platform. The integration between both systems allows for the synchronization of objects to increase productivity by reducing delays and time to market.


For integration between GoSaaS CAD Vault and Oracle PLM Cloud, the GoSaaS CAD adapter uses .Net add-ins.

  • Get/update attributes 
  • Get BOM from Model or Drawing
  • Read BOM table and metadata from drawing files (DWG files)

GoSaaS CAD Vault & Oracle PLM Cloud PLM Bi-directional flow

Trigger 1
Create part and save it in GoSaaS CAD Vault. Pull part number from Oracle PD

Action 1
Part is created in Oracle PD which is returned to GoSaaS CAD Vault and placed on part/assembly file

Trigger 2
Once done with the design, CAD Engineer will click on GoSaaS Action menu and then choose Save button

Action 2
The Part and Drawing files against the specified Part number are pushed to Oracle PD


  • Integration can be Event-driven, Data-Driven, or through a Polling process
  • Bi-directional integration support
  • Capability to sync multiple objects and attachments
  • Error handling capabilities and Verbose Logging 
  • Small Footprint and easy deployment
  • Data accuracy between systems

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