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Integrating Salesforce with Oracle PLM Cloud


Salesforce is used for customer relationship management (CRM) to better connect with customers and partners using cloud technology. Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud consolidates product innovation, development & commercialization on a fully connected platform. The integration between both systems allows for the synchronization of objects to increase productivity by reducing production delays and time to market by using valuable customer input to ensure products include customer requirements.


  • Case creation & update
  • Obtain, create and update Quality Issue
  • Attribute mapping


  • Bi-directional integration support
  • Capability to sync multiple objects and attachments
  • Data accuracy between systems
  • Customer requirements and feedback incorporated in product development

Salesforce to Oracle PLM Cloud 

Trigger 1
Create case in Salesforce

Action 1
Check if Quality Issue is present in Oracle PD. If not present, it is created against the case. The Quality Issue number is then synced in Salesforce case attributes

Trigger 2
Update case in Salesforce

Action 2
Check if Quality Issue is present. If present and the status of Quality Issue is pending, Quality Issue is updated in Oracle PD

Oracle PLM Cloud to Salesforce

Trigger 1
Through polling service, closed Quality Issue are searched in Oracle PD

Action 1
Quality Issue is obtained

Action 1.1
Affected items with “General Defect” with no null value will be picked and all “General Defect” attributes will be mapped to corresponding fields on Salesforce under “Failure Analysis Findings”

Action 1.2
All attachments, not present in Salesforce, are pulled from Oracle PD.

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