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Integrating Oracle PLM Cloud with OrCAD


OrCAD is an eCAD tool suite used for automating electronic design. Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud consolidates product innovation, development & commercialization on a fully connected platform. The integration between both systems allows for the synchronization of objects to increase productivity by reducing production delays and time to market.


  • Get part attributes
  • Add parts to library 
  • Get BOM data of parts
  • Get drawing files
  • Add/update manufacturer parts in OrCAD library
  • We can configure sync with any database placed on a secure server

OrCAD – Oracle PLM Cloud 

Trigger 1
A schematic part is created in OrCAD and BOM items are added to it with their reference designators. The integration is triggered by an options menu to “Push schematic to PLM”

Action 1
OrCAD adapter collects all the attributes of schematic, creates a change order, adds the affected object and its BOM items and then syncs this information to Oracle PLM Cloud


  • Integration can be Event-driven, Data-Driven, or through a Polling process
  • Bi-directional integration support
  • Capability to sync multiple objects and attachments
  • Error handling capabilities and Verbose Logging 
  • Small Footprint and easy deployment
  • Data accuracy between systems

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