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Integrating Oracle PLM Cloud with Oracle EBS


Oracle EBS consists of business applications for automating customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) processes within organizations. Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud consolidates product innovation, development & commercialization on a fully connected platform. The integration between both systems allows for the synchronization of objects to increase productivity by reducing production delays and time to market.


For integration between Oracle EBS and Oracle PLM Cloud, the EBS adapter uses PL/SQL package to provide SOAP-based integrations. The capabilities include:

  • Create/update items under Master organization
  • Assign item to a child organization
  • Assign/update/get category values
  • Assign/get catalog group
  • Add/update/get catalog group values
  • Add/update/get item cross references
  • Unit of measure conversions
  • Create ECOs in multiple organizations
  • Create/update BOM, their reference designators and substitutes
  • Create/update Manufacturer parts

Oracle PLM Cloud – Oracle EBS

Trigger 1
Change order entailing attributes, AML and bill of material (BOM) changes is released

Action 1.1
It searches for the particular item in Oracle EBS and creates the item if not found in the system. Then it adds/updates all the attributes according to the change order including category values, catalogue group values and item cross-references

Action 1.2
For BOM, item search is carried out. If it does not exist, it is created. Then BOM is added to the item. Reference designator, substitutes and organizations are updated

Action 1.3
An AML search is carried out. If it does not exist, it is created. It is then added to the respective item

Change order will be created in the organizations that have been mentioned in the configuration along with the add, update and delete status to the BOM objects

Oracle EBS – Oracle PLM Cloud 

Trigger 1
Assign child organizations to an item

Action 1
Search for an item in Oracle PD. If it exists, update the respective organization fields otherwise send an error


  • Integration can be Event-driven, Data-Driven, or through a Polling process
  • Bi-directional integration support
  • Error handling capabilities and Verbose Logging 
  • Small Footprint and easy deployment
  • Data accuracy between systems

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