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Integrating Oracle PLM Cloud with NetSuite


NetSuite encompasses ERP/financials, CRM, eCommerce, inventory while Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud consolidates product innovation, development & commercialization on a fully connected platform. The integration between both systems allows for the synchronization of objects to increase productivity by reducing production delays and time to market.


For integration between NetSuite and Oracle PLM Cloud, the NetSuite adapter uses SuiteTalk WSDL to provide SOAP-based integrations.

  • Performs basic create, read, update and delete operations on custom objects, NetSuite objects and their simple and custom fields such as inventory items, assembly items, bill of materials and manufacturer parts
  • Maps simple type and complex type custom fields
  • Perform custom and saved search on NetSuite records
  • Applies pagination on search results
  • Provides support for token-based authentication (TBA)

Oracle PLM Cloud PLM – NetSuite

Trigger 1
Change order entailing attribute and bill of material changes is released

Action 1
It searches for the particular item in NetSuite and creates the item if not found in the system. Then it updates all the attributes according to the change order including all custom records, simple, custom fields and bill of material information

Netsuite – Oracle PLM Cloud PLM

Trigger 1
Cost update in NetSuite record or custom record

Action 1
Search for the record in Oracle PLM Cloud and update cost fields. Email notification is sent if no item exists


  • Integration can be Event-driven, Data-Driven, or through a Polling process.
  • Bi-directional integration support
  • Capability to sync multiple objects and attachments
  • Error handling capabilities and Verbose Logging 
  • Small Footprint and easy deployment
  • Data accuracy between systems

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