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Design Win

Capture critical information about the business processes for efficient sales to ensure a good customer experience and retention

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It is essential for businesses to respond to their customer queries in an appropriate time to ensure a good customer experience and retention. Design Win will assist you in matching your prospect with the right resources on your end to gain a competitive edge during the evaluation phase.

Why Design Win?

  • Queue like functionality that assigns tickets to the respective people in need, when a query arises
  • Consists of a knowledge base that has information to previously solved queries for a quick service
  • Design Win Registration allows distributors to allocate their own sales and engineering resources to collaborate with an end customer to sell components
  • Allows all sales information to be on a single platform
  • CRM Analytics is added to design win

Learn about the product Importance

  • Increased revenue through higher opportunity maturation rates
  • Proactive tracking of design opportunities on one platform
  • Increased sales and production forecast
  • CRM Analytics to measure effectiveness and improve performance of the processes

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