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Air Date: April, 6 2022, at 09 am PDT

Interested in keeping pace with rapid change and shrinking your product lifecycles?

Look no further…Whether you have a PLM application in place today, use manual processes to manage product data, or just want to learn more about the benefits of the most robust PLM Cloud solution in the market – join the Oracle & GoSaaS Breakfast Brief to learn more about how to improve productivity and scale your business with Oracle Product Management Cloud! 

In this webinar replay, Erica Hockley (Oracle Solution Engineer) will provide a PLM demonstration, Amjad Iqbal (Principal Software Engineer) will show how PLM collaborates with CAD in real-time, and Tom Nelson (GoSaaS Partner, SME) will highlight the advantages of cost-effective and quick implementations.

Learn in this webinar how Oracle Product Management Cloud (PLM) helps companies make faster product decisions, accelerates innovation and design processes, and ensures scalability through embedded analytics and a collaborative platform.