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We saw that technology has changed everything, other than technology service providers, often called SI’s. Having worked at or with consulting firms, sizing from large to boutique, it was alarming to see that all of them talked about digital transformation and new business models while still holding onto practices started in the 60s and 70s. We decided to do something about it.


What does GoSaaS Stand for?

GoSaaS was started to provide its clients with the following in every engagement: 

  • Consultants who have industry and functional area knowledge in addition to being hands-on with the cloud platform
  • Complete ownership of the client’s problem including working with multiple technology platforms in an increasingly complex multi-cloud/vendor world
  • Brutal honesty about our capabilities, project challenges and technology type

GoSaaS started with challenging every norm in consulting firms and assumption behind them to fundamentally change the business model and the engagement with its client and team members. We studied other disruptive companies across industries in detail to borrow practices that could help in technology consulting.  


GoSaaS Team:

Often our clients say that GoSaaS consultants are different from other SIs they have worked with in the past. Nothing makes us happier because a lot of planning and hard work goes behind making the obvious take place. We start with hiring the very best (analytical, organization, technical, learnability, humility, initiative, empathy), whether we are hiring in the US or one of our global delivery centers. Second, we put them through a rigorous apprenticeship plan to instill the “GoSaaS way” in them before they work independently with clients. Third, we constantly measure and adjust our organization structure, compensation and recognition mechanisms to ensure that they are aligned with our founding objectives. Here are a few examples: 

    • A part of consultant compensation is tied to customers going live and successful adoption of rollouts
    • There are no incentives for our consultants to expand into other areas at their clients so our consultants remain focused on problem solving instead of worrying about selling

You can find BIOs and connect with our team members here.



We have a close partnership with a number of other firms, ranging from the largest software providers to boutique firms specializing in areas where we lack expertise internally or assist them in certain geographical locations. All of our partnerships are with the goal of providing complete solutions to the industries and functional areas we serve.