Our Story

We saw a drift in the technological advancement realizing all the consultants are now in conversation about the new term Digital Transformation. It was alarming to see new business models holding onto the old practices which in the near future would minimize profits. This is when we decided to add value to our clients for long term profits. To help them jump to new technology with ease and experienced consultation


How GoSaaS can assist you build a better working environment

GoSaaS started to provide its clients with the following in every engagement:

  • Consultants who have industry and functional area knowledge in addition to having hands-on experience with the cloud platform
  • Complete ownership of the client’s project including working with multiple technology platforms in an increasingly complex multi-cloud/vendor world
  • Brutal honesty about our capabilities, project challenges and technology type
  • GoSaaS challenged every norm in the consulting firms to fundamentally change the entire business model and the engagement with its client and team members. Alongside, we researched disruptive companies across industries to borrow good consulting practices.

The Team

  • Hassan R.
  • Mohsin A.
  • Tom N.
  • Saeed A.
  • Meghan D.
  • Andy M.
  • Zeeshan S.
  • Mukhtar A.
  • Majid Z.
  • Usman I.
  • Younas Y.
  • Hellen H.
  • Rabia M.
  • Amjad I.
  • Adil S.
  • Ahmed H.
  • Fizza H.
  • Ijaz H.
  • Bilawal C.
  • Waqar K.
  • Amna Q.
  • Aleena R.
  • Ahmed S.
  • Adil S.
  • Hassan A.
  • Hassan Al.
  • Farhan A.
  • Ayesha N.
  • Ayesha K.
  • Awais I.
  • Arslan S.
  • Areeba A.
  • M Waqar.
  • M Umaid H.
  • M Bin Khalid.
  • M Asim.
  • Lubaina Z.
  • Kinza H.
  • Hassan T.
  • Qasim I.
  • Omar I.
  • Munam T.
  • Mubeen E.
  • Mohsin T.
  • Majid K.
  • Mahad A.
  • Tariq A.
  • Taha Bin A.
  • Sohail M.
  • Sohail A.
  • Shahbkht A.
  • Saqib A.
  • Sameen K.
  • Safa Tabinda K.
  • Usman A.
  • Usama U.
  • Usama T.
  • Usama A.
  • Talha A.
  • Moahid A.
  • Mahnoor T.
  • Kelly C.
  • Isra S.
  • Hafeez ur R.

Homage from our Employees

I feel fortunate to have landed a position surrounded by great individuals at GoSaaS Labs, who are generous in sharing knowledge for the purpose of better team management. It makes me feel valued and willing to go the extra mile.

Areeba Asad

Becoming a part of GoSaaS family is a privilege I am thankful for. Together we have nurtured a constructive environment for everyone to achieve exceptional goals and become a better part of society.

Aleena Rashid

GoSaaS has been a nurturing place to develop, enhance, and polish your skills tremendously. Being surrounded by collaborative people in an autonomous and inclusive environment has truly made me feel honoured and privileged to be a part of GoSaaS.

Amna Qadeer

The company's unceasing commitment to individual growth prioritizes valuable investment in all its employees, independent of one's position within the organizational hierarchy. At GoSaaS, the opportunity for much-coveted autonomy not only necessitates professional growth but also keeps us motivated.

Shahbakht Ahmed

Working at GoSaaS has been a magnificent experience. It has been a year since I joined this company and I love working here. GoSaaS empowers me to work at my full potential and to think out of the box without any stress.

Hassan Amjad

Working at GoSaaS was the best opportunity I got to nourish my technical skills along with my personality, time management skills and teamwork exposure. Its been a year working with this big happy family and I am looking for many more to come.

Saqib Ali

AWe have an incredible team that has the leading industry knowledge, and an innovative mindset that’s backed up with the technical skills to deliver best in class solutions. We take pride in ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our customers. With the right people and the right company, the future looks bright.

Andy Mortram

When I think of GoSaaS, I think of commitment. The team here is exceptional at understanding and meeting our customer's needs first and foremost. It's an honor to be involved with such an intelligent, ethical, motivated and emphatic organization who values getting things done the right way.

Meghan Ryan Dey

Every day at GoSaaS we work on something which somewhere touches the lives of people. The people here are the heart of this organization, the communication from management is transparent and the core values of the organization are built into our work.

Mohsin Taufiq

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