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Generate reports by using information from Agile PLM and other data sources without writing any code 

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Why do you need xReport?

  • Eliminates the need to write code to develop custom and considerably complex reports for Agile PLM customers.
  • The Admin Portal allows you to configure reports using data that is sourced through Agile Searches and other data sources. Users can later generate those reports.
  • Users have the ability to extend, combine, manipulate and aggregate Agile Data from multiple searches.

Essential Components of xReport include:

Data Source:

Defines where to extract data from (Agile Search or DB)

Data Set:

Tabular data extracted from a Data Source

Report Step:

A sub-part of the Report which defines operations based on multiple Data Sets. Generates partial output which is usable in other Report Steps.


Sequence of Report Steps that will give the desired output data


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