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$1/user/month (*)

The first feature on all products on basic would be "ongoing Updates, Knowledge Base Access and forum based support"

Some of the greatest features

  • All Changes of all Types assigned to You
  • All Affected Items with Redlines
  • All Attachment Links of Changes and Items
  • Approve/Reject/Comment
  • Includes separate “All Changes Originated by You” dashboard
  • View all key redlines in one screen
  • View affected items directly from list
  • Open attachments from list
  • Send emails to reviewers directly from the list view
  • See reviewers’ sign-off history
  • Take appropriate approve, reject or comment action from the view


$2/user/month (**)

Everything in DIY

Some of the greatest features

  • help desk/email support
  • on-boarding with 1 hour Q&A Session
  • Deployment Assistance
  • Basic SLAs


$4/user/month (***)

Everything in Standard plus

Some of the greatest features

  • Direct Phone Support
  • on-boarding with admin training
  • Deployment done for you in 2 environments
  • Improved SLAs

*minimum $200 per month. 

**minimum $400 per month. 

**minimum $800 per month.

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