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Automation Engine Solution

Allows Agile PLM Admins to create custom actions without writing a single line of code. 


Automation Engine Solution


 Agile implementations often require writing a number of customizations using Agile SDK and/or Groovy Script. Both writing and testing these customizations can take up a lot of time, energy and money. This solution is a super PX, which is configurable using a slick Admin Portal.


Triggers and Actions

  • Automation Engine is built on a simple event/action framework
  • Event (Triggers) can be defined on any agile class/subclass
  • Multiple actions can be hooked to a single event
  • Actions can be of the following types:
    – Validation
    – Custom/OOTB Notifications
    – Copy Attributes
    – Add/Remove Reviewers
    – Incorporation
    – Create/link Objects
    – Workflow Status Control

Advanced Features

Condition Based Actions
The action will only get executed if certain pre-conditions are met.

Lookup Chaining

The Automation Engine Solution can perform a series of lookups (as in a chain) to go to the desired level. For example, it can get an item from affected-items, go to its BOM Table, look for a certain part type within the BOM and find a certain value for it.


Attributes and Special Keywords
The solution supports all attributes and some Special Keywords such as $autonumber, $date, $count, $empty, etc.

Notification Templates
The Automation Engine Solution can have its own email templates.



Architecture Overview