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GoSaaS EG&C vs Assent Compliance Platform 

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Comparing Regulatory Assessment Services between GoSaaS Environmental Governance and Compliance (EG&C) & Assent Compliance Platform

Great products require innovation, strong product development plans, and a mature commercialization strategy but without complying with mandatory regulations, not even great products can make it to the market. Market acceptance of the product is severely reliant on product compliance and with several compliance solutions in the market, it is difficult to choose one according to your requirements. We explore two solutions: GoSaaS EG&C and Assent Compliance Platform, and will discuss the features supported by each. 

What are some product compliance requirements?

  • RoHS compliance
  • ECHA SCIP database
  • California Proposition 65
  • REACH compliance
  • Conflict Minerals compliance

How do these tools provide compliance reporting & compliance planning?

Both tools provide reporting capabilities with Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) and also have the option to build custom reports. We explore the details in the table below:

Top Features GoSaaS EG&C Assent Compliance Platform
Purpose-built for Oracle PLM Yes purpose-built, fully integrated with Oracle PLM Cloud and Oracle Agile PLM No
Integrations Agile PLM & Oracle PLM Cloud Access the Assent platform and a database of over 250 million pieces of supply chain data within the PTC system
Custom report building   It can create AML, BOM, Full Material Compliance Report and has Template reports along with the ability to generate customizable reports with OTBI in Oracle PLM Cloud & OPLA in Agile. Yes
Automate data processes Yes - can directly do it  Yes
Trade Classification & Origin No Navigate tariffs and trade agreements to earn preferential rates and avoid fines and business disruption
Effectively transfer your data to the platform Yes - data is already available in the PLM application due to integration  Yes only with PTC, otherwise everything is manual
Integrate compliance data with product design  Yes - information is in Oracle PLM Cloud Yes
Supplier notifications / contact To keep suppliers and managers up-to-date, notifications are sent on every step according to their role. Compliance managers can also schedule notifications using OTBI for suppliers to ensure timely data collection. OTBI can also run reports and send to people Yes
Group compliance Yes Yes
System-to-system connection with Yes Yes
Company-wide access to data Yes - several flexible licensing options  Yes
Automatically flags non-compliant parts The solution automatically flags parts, BOMs, and components that are not in compliance, and indicates the regulation which is not in compliance. In case of any change in regulation or item, the compliance manager has the option to compute compliance in a single click Yes
Database of regulated substances  Over 2600 preloaded substances over 162,000
Automated declaration processes Yes with client control Yes
Secure environment Yes - can do within the system (Oracle PLM Cloud and/or GoSaaS EG&C) Yes
Secure exchange of data between suppliers & clients Yes - can do within the system (Oracle PLM Cloud and/or EG&C) Yes
Reduce supply chain risk by verifying data submissions Yes - can do within the system (Oracle PLM Cloud and/or EG&C) Yes
Improved validation workflows to increase efficiency for users and suppliers Yes- can do within the system (Oracle PLM Cloud and/or EG&C) Yes
Email suggestions for suppliers No Yes
Obtain declarations in data exchange standards such as IPC-1752A and IPC-1754 We support 1752-A and 1752-A_Class-D Yes
Roll up data from all supply chain tiers Yes Yes
Provide full material compositions for the regulations shown down below Yes, we can make it available if the suppliers provide it Yes
Configurable supplier surveys No Yes
Regulations supported GoSaaS EG&C Assent Compliance Platform
California Proposition 65 - Safe Harbor list Yes Distributers + Manufacturers
Canadian Regulation SOR 2008-273 Yes No
China ROHS Yes Yes
Conflict Mineral Yes Yes
EU Battery Directive 2006 66 EC Yes Yes
EU Directive 2019 1021 EC Yes Yes
EU Packaging Regulation 94 62 EC Yes Yes
EU ROHS 2 Yes Yes
India ROHS Yes No
Japan ROHS Yes No
Japan CSCL: Class I Specified Chemical Substances Yes Yes
Japanese Law Preventing Environmental Pollution of Mercury Yes No
REACH Annex XIV Yes Yes
REACH Annex XIV (for RoHS Parts) Yes Yes
REACH Annex XVII Yes Yes
REACH Annex XVII (for RoHS Parts) Yes Yes
Additional Features GoSaaS EG&C Assent Compliance Platform
Custom declarable substance lists  Yes - unlimited  Yes
Configurable supplier surveys Yes - can be supported in Oracle PLM Cloud Yes
24/7 inbound supplier email support Yes Yes
Campaign management  Yes Yes
Program reviews Yes - we do weekly, monthly, quarterly & annually  Quarterly
Onsite implementation Yes Yes
Parts data upload Yes - data is already in the system (Oracle PLM Cloud/Agile PLM) Yes
Product-level conflict minerals data collection Yes Yes
Product training videos Yes Yes
Controlled ITAR data environments for U.S. federal contractors Yes Yes
Configurable modules Yes - to some extent Yes
PLM and ERP connectors  Yes - we are already in the Data Hub Yes
Request management through a branded portal Yes Yes
On-site regulatory training Yes Yes
Labour Standards Assurance System No Yes
Scope assessment Yes Yes

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