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Field Service

Businesses can deliver easy and fast services from a single platform from anywhere to ensure fast service to our customers

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Is your business unable to meet the expectations of your customers due to inefficient systems? Do inefficient systems affect your productivity? Don’t Worry! GoSaaS can help you keep all your field service operation departments on a single platform with all the information related to the products and customers, as they deserve to have access to the information they might need to help the customers with their queries.

Why Field Service?

  • Deliver highs speed and efficient on-site service
  • Allows access to jobs from anywhere
  • Increase fix-time rate
  • Synchronized data

What does it offer?

  • Create and manage work orders for field service operations
  • Track SLA compliance
  • Intelligent scheduling of customer appointments to the right source
  • Tracking of crew equipment
  • Smart scheduling is incorporated
  • Manage jobs from mobile phones

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