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  • Environmental Governance & Compliance
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The EG&C app provides a straightforward and thorough view of the Part/Product Environmental Governance & Compliance (EG&C) data. It provides the capability for Compliance Managers to request information from suppliers and collaborate. 

Simple Interface: Easy to Launch

Manager Portal: Item Search, Pending Approvals, Searches

Supplier Portal: Pending Requests



EG&C allows you to track many standards.
Here's just some of the capabilities:

Specifications: RoHS, REACH  Part Declaration
Bill of Substances: Flat & Hierarchical, Import from Spreadsheet Calculated roolups of parts by Assembly and Regulation/Specification
Substance Groups: Lead, Lead (II) Arsenide etc.  Each Regulation contains the substance list as defined by the Regulatory Body
Parts & Assemblies Declaration information for common Parts automatically follows that Part for every use condition
Part Families Regulations are under change control so histroy may be tracked 
Ex: RoHS, RoHS 1, RoHS 2, etc.
AML Related Regulatory Information Declaration Start & End Dates are Tracked
Substance Declaration Library of ~2K Substances are included
Homogeneous Declaration Completely integrated with Oracle Cloud PLM module


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