UI Wizard

Simplifying and automating record creation in Agile Product Lifecycle Management by answering a set of questions

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What does the UI Wizard do?

Creating records can get very complicated for Agile PLM users. With the UI Wizard for Agile PLM, companies can simplify this by guiding their users through a set of relevant questions while automating the creation of Agile records.

The UI Wizard will also help Agile users with the following:

  • Capture required data for creating any records in Agile PLM
  • Guide the data flow for the creation of multiple records
  • Include validation rules for acceptable input values
  • Determine the appropriate list of values for each data attribute

Value and Benefits

Speed with Control

In a large volume of items to create/modify, the wizard leads the user through the complexities:

  • Templates can be defined requiring even less time
  • Auto-fill attributes based on selections made


Minimize errors:

  • Data is validated in real-time
  • Cannot move to the next step until the correct data is entered

Ease of Use

Minimize training:

  • Hover over context-sensitive help as Agile is not always intuitive as to what data is required under what conditions when there are many possible attributes.

UI Wizard can also be used with the following Agile PLM objects:

  • Augment Quality Processes
  • CAPA
  • Problem Report
  • Audit
  • Risk Assessment
  • Augment Change Processes
  • Change Order
  • Deviations and Stop Ships
  • Material Review Boards
  • Regulatory Submission Determination
  • Augment Investigation Processes
  • Device/Failure Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • External Collaboration(s)
  • Customer input/output
  • Supplier Collaboration

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