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Upgrade Services

Simplify your Agile Product Lifecycle Management upgrade process by using the GoSaaS custom methodology


Agile PLM Upgrade Services:

Agile Product Lifecycle Management requires upgrades to bring the best out of the software by including new features while fixing issues with current functionalities. Our Agile PLM Upgrade Services can bring out the true potential of Agile PLM because:

  • It not only includes delta training but also business workshops on how companies can use new features and configuration in both test and production environments.
  • Load testing against the previous environment comes standard to ensure stable performance.
  • All customizations are upgraded.
  • In the event a source code is lost, it can be decompiled to ensure the right version gets moved.
  • Our team will ensure that the new Agile PLM version works seamlessly with CAD environments.
  • If Oracle PIP is being used, it can be upgraded as one project altogether (additional charges apply).
  • OPLA upgrades are included in the packages even if there are page 3 or custom attributes configured.
  • Upgrades come with complimentary support to all GoSaaS add-ons.

Free of Cost Upgrades include:

  • Hosting contracts come with complimentary upgrades
  • Managed Service Contracts come with complimentary upgrades

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