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What is ECO Dashboard?

ECO Dashboard is a solution that helps to view all change orders from a single view. It boosts productivity by:

  • Creating a high level of user agility with making decisions by simply navigating through a volume of changes and accessing decision data elements.
  • Making managing your change approvals effortless. All of the information and ability needed to make sound decisions are provided upfront in easy-to-view layouts with actionable controls all in one table.
  • Allowing a comprehensive and actionable view of Changes requiring your attention. They provide quick access with necessary details to assess change impact and take action. This leads to faster user responses, shorter approval cycle times, improved user experience and effectiveness.

Get more done with features such as

  • Group view by change subclasses
  • All key redlines in one screen
  • View affected items directly from the list
  • Open attachments from the list
  • Send emails to reviewers directly from the list view
  • See reviewers’ sign-off history
  • Take appropriate approve, reject or comment action from the view

ECO Dashboard – One Panel to focus on what matters

  • All Changes of all types assigned to You
  • All Affected Items with Redlines
  • All Attachment Links of Changes and Items
  • Approvals
  • Rejections
  • Comment
  • Audit
  • Redlines

For a user-centric experience, ECO Dashboard also includes a separate “All Changes Originated by You” dashboard.

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