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Excel Integration for Agile PLM

Integrate and update search, BOMs, AMLs and change creation. With the ingenious integration solution between Microsoft Excel and Oracle Agile PLM, this can ultimately help Product Teams save time and generate value.


Excel Integration for Agile PLM



Search & Update
  • Execute PLM Search from within Excel
  • Associate Agile Search with a sheet
  • Modify required attributes and Update to Agile
  • Get BOM and AML in Excel
  • Update BOM or AML
  • May create new BOMs from the Excel sheet
Change Creation
  • Updates can be made through a change
  • Redlining of changed data

Updating Data to Agile PLM


By clicking on “Update Current Sheet Data” you can simply open a change configuration window.

Imported Agile PLM Search


The columns are displayed like they are configured in Agile PLM. There are no limitations on what kind
of columns can be imported.

Exporting Data to Agile PLM


After the update, the Change in Agile PLM has the Item added to its Affected Items tab. It now has a
new description and it’s change controlled attribute is redlined.

Importing BOM from Agile PLM

 Multiple BOMs can be pulled at the same time by providing a comma separated list of item numbers.

Updating BOM

After the update, the Change has been created and the Item has been added to the Affected Items. The change in quantity in the BOM has also been redlined.

Importing AML from Agile PLM

Multiple AMLs can be pulled at the same time by providing a comma separated list of item numbers.

Updating AML

 After the update, the change has been created and the item has been added to the affected items. The deletion of the manufacturer has been shown in the redlines.

Updating All

 If all of the sheets opened in Excel are saved searches, BOMs or AMLs, and need to be added to a single Change Order, then you can go ahead and click Update All.

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