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Experience the Power of Enhanced Agile PLM Support 

We manage and provide support for Agile PLM applications, infrastructure, and architecture so that your business can maximize its resources.

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Our Agile PLM Support and
Maintenance Services

Get a Free Agile PLM Technical Health Check with Every Plan!

Agile PLM Application Platform Maintenance & Support Services

Agile PLM Infrastructure support

(excluding OS, network etc.)


101-1000 users
1000+ users


  • Server & Application configuration support
  • Database maintenance (sizing and running Oracle provided averify scripts)
  • Performance Optimization

  • Deployment of Oracle provided hot fixes.

  • Deployment of Oracle provided a verify fixes.

  • Weblogic/OAS support

  • Capacity Planning

  • Server and DB backup & restore

  • LDAP support

  • Email Notifications Troubleshooting

  • Coordination with Oracle SRs

Admin & User Support Services

Users and User Group maintenance


101-1000 users
1000+ users


  • Roles & Privileges

  • General usage issues in Agile (all modules)

  • Event management

  • Smart Rules & Preferences

  • Auto numbers & lists

  • Criteria

  • Searches, Dashboards, and Reports

  • Notifications

  • Agile Content Service (ACS)

  • Instigation and follow up of customer Oracle SRs

  • Other end user issues in using the application

  • Security setup

15% Discount

For companies where the app and DB servers are not clustered


101-1000 users
1000+ users



Get a Free Technical Health Check with every plan that includes:

Architecture Review

Performance Testing and Profiling

System Performance Calibration


Identifying Bottlenecks

Comprehensive Report and Remediation Strategy



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